March 21, 2023

Stay Found March 21 New Moon Update

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Today, includes:

  • Featured Nature Thought - written for this post -- "With the Elements" and the "About Trees"
  • Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others - links live when posted
  • Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Stephen Hobbs - links live when posted
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With the Elements

I am one the earth, of the earth
I am in the fire, of the fire
I am on the water, of the water
I am in the air, of the air
I am from the whole, of the whole

And all these elements join
I am with the elements
with the creatures
with the celestials

We are all of, in, by,
on, for, from, through

Here I stay found
Here I offer a home
Come and see
Come and visit
Come and thrive

If it can be,
then let's see,

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine reading this passage as you walk to an oak tree and say hello. The picture is of oak leaves.

Photographer: Elena from Belarus, Winter Tree

Tree Winter Elena Belarus

About Trees

In the forest deep and wide,
The trees stand tall with grace and pride,
Their branches reach up to the sky,
And sway gently as the wind goes by.

In spring they bloom with tender leaves,
Their canopies rustling like a symphony,
Shades of green that soothe the eye,
A place to rest and simply lie.

In summer the trees offer shade,
A cool refuge from the sun's bright glare,
A place to rest, a place to play,
The perfect spot to spend the day.

In autumn their leaves turn gold and red,
A feast for the eyes before they shed,
A carpet of color on the ground,
A sight to see, an amazing surround.

In winter, they stand alone,
Bare branches like fingers reaching for the throne,
Silent guardians of the land,
A steadfast presence that will always stand.

Oh, trees, you're more than just a plant,
A symbol of life that we must chant,
May we learn from your resilience,
Your strength, your beauty, your brilliance.

AI Generated

<-- Here is the author of the Poem: About Trees

Author Poem About Trees
Family of Author Poem About Trees

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

I sorted them by keyword.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.


Getting my #Tuesday March 21 2023 vibe on: "Every six months, the #equinox splits Earth's day almost in half. Here's how it happens—and why people have celebrated it since ancient times."
Paired words - shared stories when the pair connect "A fun way to engage in climate conversations" #climate #consideration #collaboration
#Consideration #perspective about "Why it’s time to rethink recycling" #SaturdayThoughts
Yes, #Elephants: the gardeners of the rainforest and the story of #carbon
#Update #Perspective #Consideration "Microplastics are in the Sky. Could They Change Our Climate?" via @TheTyee
About #plasticbags "Calling on supermarkets to lead" What say you?
Making sure ‘the kids are alright’ in the future #collaboration #conversations #kids #ecokids #ecoelders
Nikolai Vavilov and the Living Library of Resilience: The Story of the World's First Seed Bank and the Tragic Hero of Science Who Set Out to End Humanity's Suffering via @brainpicker
What #Plants Are Saying About Us #Considerations #Perspective #POV
Marine life in the high seas gets more protection #perspective
The Dalai Lama's #Ethical and #Ecological Philosophy for the Next Generation, Illustrated via @brainpicker #nature #livinglife
#Personal action steps to reduce food waste … #whatIcando #today #foodwaste
Sometimes you have to "#waggle" - more --- "Is the honeybee’s iconic waggle dance learned or innate? New research provides the answer" via @ConversationEDU
#EarthHour, an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund - a global action that encourages people to take one hour to turn all of their lights off & reflect on something they can do to heal & nurture the #planet. March 28 from 8:30 - 9:30 pm (your local time)
Here - USA commentary "What are governments doing about food waste?" --- what about in your country - your kitchen?
#Perspective #nature "Restoration turns pastures into wildlife haven in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest" via @Mongabay
Global warming is changing Canada's boreal forest and tundra via @ConversationCA
Dropping five seed pods per second into wildfire-scarred lands, aerial tree planting is quickly creating biodiverse forests from the sky.
Decades ago, there were only 48 mature Wollemi pines left in the world. Then home gardeners stepped in.
I think there is something unfolding here that requires our awareness - our attention... "Are Humans Falling Out of Love with Nature?" via @TheTyee


It's not about years old; it's about years young... moving forward, getting there... words: love, trust, relevance, humility, core, free via "RUNNING from PAIN - And when we stop, we find peace." via @YouTube @GreenRenaissanc
Found this article helpful - gave me a #perspective and got me to a place of #consideration about #soloaging #soloagers going to investigate more!
Poet and Philosopher David Whyte on Anger, Forgiveness, and What Maturity Really Means via @brainpicker
How to Grow Re-enchanted with the World: A Salve for the Sense of Existential Meaninglessness and Burnout via @brainpicker
A great story: "Dr. Cranla Warren, 60: From Surviving to Thriving" Appreciate her commitment to #mentoring... onword! TU @WeAreAgeist

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts Available from Stephen Hobbs

I sorted them by keyword.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.


You arrive from Situate and Learn; with Decisions, you depart for Actions and Outcomes... with SLDAO are ethical, ecological, & environmental considerations
A process of 5 elements -- 5 essences... can you see the #DAO? The considerations are important with 7 requirements/requests per E... It's #MondayMorning - enjoy your week!
There is happiness & joy in inviting others to walk with you. And, to accept a similar invitation from others. May the walk (with nature) be with you. 


NOW is the day, it's this time to OWN the way, this movement you've WON, it's for the wellth of IT - Loverage NOW!

A tree and a seed, and a tree; a book and an insight, and a book #mondaythoughts From an upcoming book available on Amazon "Awareness From Forests: A Prompt and Activity Book"
A tree holds a seed until it falls ground-ward; with the nurture of fire, earth, water, and air it grows as a tree that holds a seed
A book holds an insight until it unfolds on-ward; with the nurture of a pen, feelings, and thoughts it grows as a book that holds an insight
On the Life Table are the Get Lost Map (about avoidance) and the Stay Found MAPP (about approach). To navigate, I have MAPPs for sale.
To navigate #life - I suggest use of the #StayFound Approach MAPP #soloaging #soloagers #olderselders #elders #eldermentors #ecoagers #aging
Just because you can, does not translate that you must. Advancing with quietude with a wider lens, nurtures and shows fitness between what you say and do.
Of those who seek empire... consider "pire" means the worst; "em" is about them. Instead of making it worse for them, consider knowing yourself through a legacy approach like caring is sharing.
Challenge it where you are so you can share your insights when you mentor others who are still there. Then, you can move elsewhere together or alone informed.
A #There and #Here #consideration via #mentoring via the action-outcomes you select (you is singular or plural)... enjoy #onword!
On the Tshirt it says: "When You Listen, You Learn; Where You Share, You Educate" Would you wear it? Would you buy it? Alternative positing is mentioned...
We met today, we'll meet another day. You are U. I am me. We are U and I in conversations. Together, we are being fully human, being natural. ITU!
An issue is a question unanswered - An initiative is an answer for the question (maybe). Probe the question. Consider the quest you are on. Because the "_I on_ answer" is important.
In pursuit of some things, there is the situation of not knowing something. Thus research begins - about the search for truth, worth, & utility. A daily occurrence?
Of what comes next, it's your determination of the quality of experience you decide to celebrate, weave, and navigate. Keep shaping & sharing your extraordinary every day.

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