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  • Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Stephen Hobbs - links live when posted
  • A collection of Images uploaded on Social Media Channels
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For the Good of ALL Beings

Set Intention
Release baggage

Access wisdom
Visualize form

Invite ethics
Deepen ecology

Converse collaboratively
Examine thoroughly

Ponder gently
Sense shift

In Being FOR the World
WITH the Planet
FROM the Whole

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine reading this passage as you Walk with Nature - walk along the path, in the forest, with a walking stick. 

Birch Forest

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

I sorted them by keyword in the left hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content. 

LegacyOur dreaming opportunity --- writing a book to share ideas and insights, and oh such more! https://seths.blog/2022/12/our-dreaming-problem/ TU @sethgodin
LegacySeeking some insights for 2023 - "The Shortlist: The 14 technology trends shaping your industry's future" https://mck.co/3BE90Ur Via @McKinsey
MovementAct Local "Roll up your sleeves" https://thecarbonalmanac.org/roll-up-your-sleeves/ #JaneGoodall interview access
NatureUpdate: "How to feed your garden #birds if you want to attract and support native species" #nature https://theconversation.com/how-to-feed-your-garden-birds-if-you-want-to-attract-and-support-native-species-195434 via @ConversationEDU
Nature#Update "In defence of #rodents – why healthy ecosystems need them" https://theconversation.com/in-defence-of-rodents-why-healthy-ecosystems-need-them-196406 via @ConversationUK #nature
NatureThe buzz about bus shelters - #bees #butterflies https://thecarbonalmanac.org/the-buzz-about-bus-shelters/
NatureThe hidden underwater #forests that could help tackle the climate crisis https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/jan/02/kelp-seaweed-forests-research-climate-crisis #nature #oceans
NatureBiomimicry: How industry imitates life https://thecarbonalmanac.org/biomimicry-how-industry-imitates-life/
NatureThe Seamstress Who Solved the Ancient Mystery of the Argonaut, Pioneered the Aquarium, and Laid the Groundwork for the Study of Octopus Intelligence https://www.themarginalian.org/2022/12/26/jeanne-villepreux-power-argonaut/ via @brainpicker
NatureInsightful data is called information - then winning an award for The Carbon Almanac --- oh yea! Going out with a booking! https://seths.blog/2022/12/insightful-data-is-called-information/
NatureTimeless Survival Skills - some are necessary for those long walks away from second aid! https://getpocket.com/explore/item/timeless-survival-skills via @Pocket
NatureFrom 2022: "Planting trees can help the climate, but only if we also stop burning fossil fuels" https://theconversation.com/planting-trees-can-help-the-climate-but-only-if-we-also-stop-burning-fossil-fuels-179549 via @ConversationCA
NatureResearch about #Children #Nature #Access https://mailchi.mp/childrenandnature/rd-december2022?e=a5acfb9f2e
Nature#Consideration: How changing the way we work can help the planet (Part 1) https://thecarbonalmanac.org/how-changing-the-way-we-work-can-help-the-planet-part-1/
Nature#Consideration: Packaging done a new way https://thecarbonalmanac.org/packaging-done-a-new-way/
NatureReflecting on all that is falling away and all that is yet to come, we curated a selection of stories from 2022 that speak to this year’s theme of living with the unknown. Wishing you a regenerative New Year. Website: https://emergencemagazine.org/
NatureVisualized: How Snowflakes are Formed https://www.visualcapitalist.com/how-snowflakes-are-formed/ ))smiles after yesterday's snow @visualcapitalist
Nature#Indigenous #conservation funding must reflect Canada’s true debt to First Nations, Inuit and Métis https://theconversation.com/indigenous-conservation-funding-must-reflect-canadas-true-debt-to-first-nations-inuit-and-metis-196772 via @ConversationCA
Nature#Consideration: "Fight to safeguard nature in rural Turkey" https://theecologist.org/2022/mar/16/fight-safeguard-nature-rural-turkey
WellthStory shorts: "183 ways the world got better in 2022" https://reasonstobecheerful.world/the-year-in-cheer-2022/ @RTB_Cheerful
Wellth#Perspective: Want to live longer? Influence your genes. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/want-to-live-longer-influence-your-genes via @NatGeo
WellthMusic and the Price of What We Cherish: Margaret Atwood on the Bonds and Obligations of Creative Gifts https://www.themarginalian.org/2022/12/23/music/ via @brainpicker
WellthLOVE LESSONS https://youtu.be/pbyQhbZJhwI via @YouTube @GreenRenaissanc "Finding ourselves together... integral and integration... being natural in the interaction... a flow, the flow... listen through the eyes of another... playing holes and ladders (smiling))... let it go quickly, a short story of tolerance... the fruit of daily love lessons... infuriating, a breath of fresh air... enter with enthusiasm... a cup of coffee in the morning, a cup of tea in the afternoon"

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts Available from Stephen Hobbs

I sorted them by keyword in the left-hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content. 

A mentor stands where personal and public interactions meet. Where a secret is hidden in plain sight.Education
Ways to look at presence: Stand for. Lend a hand. Do good. Show courage. Gift generously. Work at a higher standard. Notice and assist. Ask to clarify. Listen responsively. Decide ehtically!Legacy
Outline your decisions in the words of those you influence. Making a decision is easy; implementing is another matter all together #legacy #decisionsmatterLegacy
Your response is the approach you use to deal with the hinders and loverage the helps of everyday life. Walk on!Legacy
In your movement forward, there are two guide-rails: Profitability and Sustainability. Know all of the meanings of these two words to take your next stride!Movement
Trees are the natural journal of a time and location.Find a tree or wooded area and read the journalNature
To be-have-do requires your attention every day. Let not a day pass without continuous learning and improvement.
#wellth #wednesday #behavedo #learning #improvement #continuouslearning #continuousimprovement
Having Fun: (1) What is the shortest way - following a continuous line - from "Dot >" to "Dot <"? (2) What is the longest way - following a continuous line - from "Dot >" to "Dot <"?Wellth
I'm an unique qualities, small scale, sweet spot kind of guide sharing mirth, magic, and moments of magnificance.Wellth
Something Calls You to Walk #pilgrimage #place #smileMovement
Words Matter and to whom? Of what you say, do you mean it in context to #wellth #movement #legacy #education #nature #safety
Blog: https://wellthmovement.com/words-matter-to-whom-experience-12312022
Blog Detailing 5 more actionable insights to Loverage Your Legacy... Numbers 6 thru 10... links in post to the first five! https://wellthmovement.com/loverage-your-legacy-actionable-insights-six-thru-ten-01032023/Legacy
#Blog Detail 5 Actionable Insights to Loverage Your Legacy - Project, Stories, and Contributions. https://wellthmovement.com/loverage-your-legacy-actionable-insights-one-thru-five-01022023/Legacy
You as a person require, request and bring things to You as a group who require, request, and supply things. As you mix it all together YOU are crushing rock at the quarry or creating a dance medley for the party.
Blog: https://wellthmovement.com/crushing-rock-creating-dance-medley-olders-elders-12302022/
Blog 10 Actionable Insights to Loverage Your #Legacy for 2023 and beyond -- expanding on the list over the next two days -- Start today, and get off to a great start! https://wellthmovement.com/10-actionable-insights-to-loverage-your-legacy-wellth-movement-01012023/ #elder #olderLegacy
A short story about the Well-Living Organization - whether the organization is a workplace, community, whatever "grouping' you live (& work) with #wellth #movement #legacy #video
YouiTube: https://youtube.com/shorts/MeuLd-1_g4Y?feature=share
Blog: https://wellthmovement.com/well-living-organization-short-story-12292022/
Catch up by Reading the New Moon Blog Post for Wellth Movement - Content Summary for December 8th through December 22nd, 2022 https://wellthmovement.com/wellth-movement-december-23-full-moon-update/Movement
Definitions of the Terms #Movement, #Profitability, and #Sustainability - each definition offers "layered insights" useful for decision making. https://wellthmovement.com/define-movement-profitability-sustainability-wellth-01042023/ #wellth #blogWellth
A few years back I sat, stood, smiled through the production of this song - still appreciate the song today. Have a listen: https://youtu.be/kNbjAcBw4esWellth
Blog Words Matter, to Whom? https://wellthmovement.com/words-matter-to-whom-experience-12312022/ #experience #legacyWellth
Friday - before the arrival of 2023. Kicking back in the chair, while playing with the keyboard keys... wrote the following. Having fun! Thinking out loud! Sharing, because I can push buttons so the article arrives in front of you. Best to you and yours for 2023. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7014627340844503040/Welth
6 Thoughts about walking - movement - with nature https://youtube.com/shorts/xSf0zcXLq5w?feature=shareMovement

Posted Pictures across Social Media Sites

Here is an assortment of images produced for distribution across social media sites. And Instagram as well - here

Words Matter Experience
Outline Decision Legacy
Elder Mentor
Trees Natural Journal
Wellth Continuous Learning Improvement
Legacy Presence
Stay Found Walk On Response
Wellth Guide Magnificance
Movement Profitability Sustainability
Something Calls Poem
CoCreating Creative Process
Crushing Rock Dance Medley
Line Puzzle

Task: Find shortest Path Dot> to Dot<; Find longest path <Dot to >Dot

Spruce Walking Stick
Stay Found
Walking Your Pathway

WellthLearningTV YouTube Videos

Mentor Practices and International Mentoring Community

Summary of Free Writing by Stephen Hobbs

I sorted them by keyword in the left hand column.
Use the ideas here to co-create additional ideas. 
Remember - they are free writing, including use of unfamiliar words
and, there might be some (w)holes in them ))smiles 

EducationThe educator uses educational techniques until the real educator arrives with their educating approach
ExperienceThe soul - the essence of being fully human. It ties together with being natural, being planetary, being Solaris as the underlying platform for being
LegacyFrom the inside out, through activities and behaviors that have consequences - this framing is one major way to live from your legacy
LegacyNourish loyalty. It is a rare commodity. And, it's a human factor that requires caring and a willing smile
LegacyExtend the horizon conversation to another horizon even without seeing the possible dip(s)
LegacyKeep your ideas on the three circles of the target without becoming overwhelmed
LegacyConsider the possibility of sacrifice to experience the extraordinary
LegacyReady yourself for times when you risk what is yours for the benefit of the whole
LegacyMove away from mediocrity, incompetence, and/or bad apples. Move with truth, trust, and transparency
LegacySurround yourself with persons who can contribute because of value alignment. And who demand similar outcomes
LegacyBefore you make it happen, get offers enrolled. There is no buy-in!
LegacyRespond to change. Initiate the corresponding transition that you can manage safely
LegacyGenerativity is about generations interacting through creavitiy for the benefit of those involved and the evolvement of the planet
Movement10 Barriers to Working in A Well-Living Organization - Quick Analysis
Attitudinal: difficult to reconcile the fitness between the organization and life
Communication: lack insight of what's happening; how to move forward
Consumptive: doing flavor of the month, not correct for the persons/organization
Temporal: the view of time and location, waiting when action is necessary
Socio-Cultural: missteps between community requirements & organizational outcomes
Economic: lack of financial allocation for the organization of time and effort
Health: miscues between organization health & personal wellness
Experience: orienting outcomes based on past experience only
Location: unclear as to the origin of the angst whether inside out or outside in
Shift: debating rather than dialoguing about course corrections and pivots
MovementWith entrainment - there are temporal, synchronic, and harmonic considerations. Know each, & together to realize the rhythm of the whole
NatureA mentor stands where personal and public interactions meet. Where a secret is hidden in plain sight.
WellthIn risk are experiences that hinder and help our understanding for self with others. Thus, we deepened our appreciation for the integration of identity and integrity.
WellthBeing fully human requires being on stage with foreground conversations and being back stage with background conversations
WellthRemembering is a wonderous event. It's about reclaiming the wholeness of living your extraordinary life
WellthAs you stride forward, what are you being-having-doing for truth to reveal itself?
WellthAs you gain perspective, it's the lenses you use that help you to see things that otherwise would be unavailable to be seen

Book Review: The Lakota Way

Excerpt: I never tired of the stories, and I would ask to hear my favorites again and again, my version of watching a movie over and over. Those stories were not just of humans, or “two-leggeds,” they were about other kinds of people as well: the elk people, the bear people, the bird people, and so on. And they were about the land. I never heard a story that didn't involve the land in some way. Joseph M. Marshall III, The Lakota Way p.xii

My Amazon Review: As I read the book, I walked in the stories - albeit in my mind's eye.  And, I felt the weather, sat in the homes, and I cried with persons I met. TU Joseph M. Marshall III - I enjoyed the read and learned a lot - and you filled in a few blank spots of history of the plains.

The Lakota Way by Marshall

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