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With a Tree

Move towards the tree
Look up, about
at its branches
its leaves, its needles

Move one step to the right
Look and feel, return
Move one step to the left
Look and feel, return

Ask to sit with the tree
You'll know a yes

Turn, sit at its base 
lean in, place your hands
on the ground, become
aware of the roots,
listen for the breeze

listen for the whispers
stay awhile, till you know
stand, give thanks
step back, give thanks

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine reading this passage as you walk to a tree and say hello. 

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Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

I sorted them by keyword in the left hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.

EducationWorth your consideration Dear Learners and Educators all! The end of the high school essay... https://seths.blog/2023/01/the-end-of-the-high-school-essay/ #learning #educating #impactAI #speling ))smiles
ElderHow a tongue-operated camera helped capture the perfect shot https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/article/january-behind-the-cover-camera-skydiver-longevity-health via @NatGeo _Jasper Doest had one last opportunity to capture the effervescent energy of 69-year-old skydiver and instructor Arnold Camfferman for National Geographic’s cover story on longevity.
ExperienceThe Neurophysiology of Enchantment: How Music Casts Its Spell on Us https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/01/06/dacher-keltner-awe-music/ via @brainpicker
LegacyOlder to be Elder ))smiles 'With a tree, my world is real for me...' (triple smiles for this reminder!) --- "fullness of this moment!" https://youtu.be/OkHypImEY84
LegacyWhich #Countries are the Most Polarized? https://www.visualcapitalist.com/polarization-across-28-countries/ @VisualCap Something to think about!
LegacyRebecca Solnit's Lovely Letter to Children About How Books Solace, Empower, and Transform Us https://www.themarginalian.org/2019/01/03/a-velocity-of-being-rebecca-solnit/ via @brainpicker
LegacyThe Mindful Midlife: Expert Tips for Navigating Your Second (and Third) Acts #older #elder http://www.everythingzoomer.com/health/2023/01/02/the-mindful-midlife-expert-tips-for-navigating-your-second-and-third-acts/
NatureMapping the World's Forests: How Green is Our Globe? #Trees #Nature #natureaware #Decisions #ecology #environment https://www.visualcapitalist.com/cp/mapping-worlds-forests-how-green-is-our-globe/
Nature#Perspective "The return of sail power" https://thecarbonalmanac.org/the-return-of-sail-power/
Nature#LegacyProject National Trust plants 600 fruit trees around the No 11 bus route in Birmingham https://www.birminghamworld.uk/news/national-trust-fruit-trees-birmingham-no-11-bus-3990748
NatureWintering: Resilience, the Wisdom of Sadness, and How the Science of Trees Illuminates the Art of Self-Renewal Through Difficult Times https://www.themarginalian.org/2021/03/06/wintering-katherine-may/ via @brainpicker
NatureDo you agree?: "We Have the Tools to Solve Climate Change, Says Bob McDonald" via @TheTyee https://thetyee.ca/Culture/2023/01/18/Tools-Climate-Change-Bob-McDonald
NatureDifferent #Perspectives: Running on Empty: The BC #Forestry Crash via @TheTyee https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2023/01/18/Running-Empty-BC-Forestry-Crash
NatureA boatload of hope... #plastics #oceans #cleanup https://thecarbonalmanac.org/a-boatload-of-hope/
NatureA truth about rising ocean levels https://thecarbonalmanac.org/a-truth-about-rising-ocean-levels/ And so? What's Next...?
Nature#Story #Essay PROPHECIES OF POSSIBILITY A Ripening of the Next World by Jamie Figueroa @emergence_zine https://emergencemagazine.org/essay/prophecies-of-possibility/
NatureGreat stories about #nature #biodiversity #issues #humankindness #curiousity The Waggle - Issue 37: https://mailchi.mp/regeneration.org/the-waggle-issue-37
NatureMaking time for connection #nature #suggestions https://thecarbonalmanac.org/making-time-for-connection/
NatureThe power of #mangroves https://thecarbonalmanac.org/the-power-of-mangroves/
NatureTaking fitness outside: 9 tips for becoming more active through the Canadian winter https://theconversation.com/taking-fitness-outside-9-tips-for-becoming-more-active-through-the-canadian-winter-197190 via @ConversationCA
Nature#Perspective #Consideration "Four Survival #Myths That Could Get You Killed" https://getpocket.com/explore/item/four-survival-myths-that-could-get-you-killed via @Pocket
NatureWithin the Climate Emergency https://www.resurgence.org/magazine/article6084-within-the-climate-emergency.html #BookReview #perspective #climate
NatureSlow Ways - pathways around Great Britain https://danravenellison.com/portfolio/slow-ways/ #walking #pathways
NatureTrods, Trails and Tracks --- #walking #exploration #discovery #footpaths #pathways https://www.resurgence.org/magazine/article6069-trods-trails-and-tracks.html
Nature"I saw firsthand how the myths we tell about ourselves, this charismatic megafauna, and our relationship to them are undeniably shaping the wild." @nikkijkolb on living with wolves: https://catapult.co/stories/nikki-kolb-living-with-wolves-wolf-sanctuary-new-mexico via @CatapultStory
NatureA wanderfull and wonderful tool to connect human action and nature awareness --- connecting the dots... "Turning knowledge into action" https://thecarbonalmanac.org/turning-knowledge-into-action/
#CarbonAlmanac https://publish.obsidian.md/carbon-dots/%E2%97%8F+Welcome
NatureHow Our Story Ends (and How to Begin Rewriting It): Richard Powers on Planetary Death and Life as Our Force of Resistance https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/01/05/richard-powers-thea/ via @brainpicker
NatureAs four researchers drill ice cores in the Arctic, their presence is witnessed by “Utuqaq”—ice that lasts year after year. https://emergencemagazine.org/film/utuqaq/ via @emergence_zine
NatureSymbiosis and the Unself: Evolutionary Biologist Lynn Margulis on How Interbeing Shapes Life on Earth https://www.themarginalian.org/2022/12/21/lynn-margulis-symbiotic-planet/ via @brainpicker And, "the spirituality of science"
NatureEasy to Grow #NativePlants for the Novice #Gardener! https://youtu.be/awrgMsnUbxk via @YouTube Learning as I go about what others are doing connecting #legacy with #nature - How about you? Found @ninetynative
Nature#Mapping the World's #River Basins by #Continent https://www.visualcapitalist.com/cp/mapping-the-worlds-river-basins-by-continent/
NatureShort Story - Update about the business Patagonia...TU! And asking "What Can I Do?" via The Carbon Almanac prompt https://thecarbonalmanac.org/what-can-i-do/
NatureTU --- Creating a stronger family culture through “friluftsliv” @ChildrenNature https://www.childrenandnature.org/resources/creating-a-stronger-family-culture-through-friluftsliv/
WellthStorytelling allows elders to transfer values and meaning to younger generations https://theconversation.com/storytelling-allows-elders-to-transfer-values-and-meaning-to-younger-generations-197766 via @ConversationCA
WellthHow Should We Think About Our Different Styles of Thinking? #yea https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2023/01/16/how-should-we-think-about-our-different-styles-of-thinking via @NewYorker
WellthThe Midlife Mentors https://www.ageist.com/wellness/health/the-midlife-mentors/ via @WeAreAgeist
WellthDenis Noble, 86: The Science and Art of Longevity https://www.ageist.com/profile/denis-noble-86-the-science-and-art-of-longevity/ via @WeAreAgeist
WellthTo better address the needs of older populations, researchers and media should stop fussing over aging https://theconversation.com/to-better-address-the-needs-of-older-populations-researchers-and-media-should-stop-fussing-over-aging-195626 via @ConversationCA
WellthSurfacing a New Understanding of the Everyday via @TheTyee https://thetyee.ca/Culture/2023/01/10/Surfacing-New-Understanding-Everyday/
WellthA collection of #Perspectives and #Considerations "Pixels of Progress: A granular look at human development around the world" https://mck.co/3VG0OdU via @McKinsey_MGI
WellthThere Are ANGELS https://youtu.be/gCXGW9P1jok via @GreenRenaissanc Buy water sandals for the river. Continue writing from my lived experience enfolding & unfolding. Live my story of light & dark, recognize poems that arrive, appreciate the senses awakening to the Nwyfre...
WellthA miracle of widespread progress: A 20-year journey of health and income https://www.mckinsey.com/mgi/our-research/pixels-of-progress-chapter-2?stcr=28CD62FE39524D77B65278D74CAC9192&cid=other-eml-alt-mip-mck&hlkid=d049303f070b47ad85731535d3ff6be0&hctky=1187069&hdpid=184020cc-cbb5-4514-984d-0e83c8108059

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts Available from Stephen Hobbs

I sorted them by keyword in the left-hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.

Blog Post: A Story About Wellth Movement, with a Focus on 1987

EducationA STEEP Review of Mentoring Concepts Practices https://youtu.be/0-BSwFXjKG8
ElderMentorWith a view of the world from your window, just before you step forth to walk with nature, remember the buoyancy of virtue in your remembrances, and for decisions unfolding
ExperienceThere are days when I'm slower than baking apple pie with a candle. And when that happens I put the pie aside and journal by candlelight.
LegacyFrom the inside out, through Activities and Behaviors that have Consequences - this ABC framing is one TREEmendous way to live from your legacy
LegacyThere is the event. There is the journey. The event could be a destination. The journey is living life. I'm for events, journeys, destinations, and living life.
MovementThe first wealth is health: Ralph Waldo Emerson
The primary wellth is wellness: Stephen Hobbs
Life is about wellness & health; Living is about wellth & wealth.
You Decide to be hale and hearty!
MovementIntro to Awarests and Awarests.World https://wellthmovement.com/awarests - a nature-aware #legacy contribution from Stephen Hobbs through his efforts with the WELLth Movement
Movement#Blog Brief introduction to a #tool and #technique called SLDAO -- Situate, Learn, Decide, Act, Outcomes... has wide application. More additions to follow. https://wellthmovement.com/situate-learn-decide-act-outcomes-wellth-movement-01062023/ #wellth #movement #sldao
NatureFor the Good ALL Beings #nature #poem #happiness
WellthI made a decision for the days ahead: I'll review the use of words like upset, hurt, offended, broken, or bitter before I unleash them
Decisions About Words I'll Use... Of the words I use, I'll remain alert to those I'll release for the world, with the planet, and from the whole.
WellthABC_Z -- Story of Letters and Sounds Thinking and sounding out loud - a wellthy approach in being for the world, with the planet, and from the whole
WellthToday and for the days to follow, the eloquence of prose, paragraphs, and sentences eludes me. Now, it's the happenings of poetry, stanzas, and words flowing with me
WellthAs you respond to others, do so with the understanding of friendship with yourself. Walks are encouraged.
#wellth message #selfcare Thinking out loud!
WellthBring to your words, and their usage, your head, heart, and hands. You are not a machine! You are a doorway to the hallways of past, present, and future we walk and learn together & beyond
WellthThe agency of be-have-do walks with you. Light the candle, light the pathway, lighten the load, and lighten up!
Wellth#Blog 7 Key Words to Organize a Continuum of Practice https://wellthmovement.com/7-key-words-to-organize-a-continuum-of-practice-wellth-movement-01052023/
WellthToday, what is one alternative to something you did yesterday that would make tomorrow magnificently significant for you and me?
From the early walk - I saw and felt how Awarests dot world (~Feb 15) can interact with the #CarbonAlmanac via the stories of #trees --- NOW, make it so, so IT is! And you??? 

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Stay Found
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WellthLearningTV YouTube Videos - Carry Over

Mentor Practices and International Mentoring Community

Summary of Free Writing by Stephen Hobbs

I sorted them by keyword in the left hand column.
Use the ideas here to co-create additional ideas. 
Remember - they are free writing, including use of unfamiliar words
and, there might be some (w)holes in them ))smiles 

MovementAs I write, I become one with my practice of wellth movement. A decision to weave well-being and well-living together for the world, with the planet, & from the whole.
MovementMy commitment is to guide you to discover and shape your wellth (wealth) movement in alignment with everyday decisions with simplicity, elegance, and humility
MovementIf you just whistle every now and then, Stephen; skip every thousandth step or so; skim the odd stone across the odd pond; go dancing on the occasional blue moon, if only alone in the dark; dress up sometimes, even with nowhere to go… Mike Dooley (Message from the Universe) ©www.tut.com
WalkingFrom the wanderfull remembrance of Heraclitus that we do step in the same river twice, the same could be said for walking the pathways near you - see you on the path!
WalkingThere is walking and there is leaping. A gradual walk is interrupted occasionally with a leap. The other approach gets you wet.
WellthOf what is presenting - often, it's something you have to deal with from the past. Why do another round? Face it. Walk through It. And, benefit from IT.
WellthOf what I create and share - sometimes the word "convenience" is a big green bow that wraps the present. And that is okay!
WellthThe guide rails of my wellth movement involve ethical values, ecological literacy, and environmental principles. Weaving them together bracket my yes and no
WellthMaking sense is an approach that requires grace, deliberations, and humility --- ah, inviting multisensory insights.
WellthYour pathway for a welthy life - to live from the wellth of IT - what are you doing today to ensure health and wellness?

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