February 20, 2023

Stay Found February 20 New Moon Update

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Today, includes:

  • Featured Nature Thought - written for this post -- "Conversations"
  • Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others - links live when posted
  • Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Stephen Hobbs - links live when posted
  • A collection of Images uploaded on Social Media Channels
  • Videos loaded to YouTube Channels: WellthLearningTV and InternationalMentoringCommunity 
  • Free Writing Suggestion for the Reader --- for co-creation!
  • Last Six Blog Posts


offers insights
into where to go,
as it is a way
to know where 
you are now

Knowing where
is relative to
human constructs
of places built,
for moments
for reasons
to walk, to meet

The words of place
are layered
in understanding
for the conversations,
otherwise, another
conversation is required

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine reading this passage as you walk to a tree and say hello. 

4 Trees For Conversations


Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

I sorted them by keyword in the left hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.

MovementOverview of "What is productivity?" Simply put, productivity measures the amount of value created for each hour that is worked in a society. https://mck.co/3E4reiS via @McKinsey #perspective #consideration
Nature#Perspective: Which Countries Pollute the Most Ocean Plastic Waste? https://www.visualcapitalist.com/cp/visualized-ocean-plastic-waste-pollution-by-country/ @VisualCap
NatureA video about #forests and #mentoring in #Nepal - TU to all involved https://youtu.be/Rmm6_vYAdH8
NatureThe Tree of Life: The guáimaro tree is a keystone species of Colombia’s tropical dry forest – a keystone both culturally and ecologically as this Mongabay article explains. It is a good example of the regenerative intersectionality of a variety of solutions to pressing challenges. It is a native tree that grows a perennial crop of nuts which provide a nutritious staple food source for local traditional and Indigenous communities, including its use as flour. It is produced by centuries-old agroforestry practices and harvested by a campesino collective of smallholder farms who are also exploring its potential to establish a larger bioeconomy for the region. The trees grow in a highly endangered ecosystem, threatened by deforestation, and need the protection provided by local communities. The trees provide shelter for animals and their roots stabilize streambanks. It’s no wonder this ‘Tree of Life’ is the focus of an annual celebration! https://lifeandsoulmagazine.com/2018/03/21/the-once-extinct-magical-tree-guaimaro-slowly-coming-back-to-life-in-latin-america/
NatureIndigenous Leadership Protects Forests: A new study focused on Brazil's Atlantic Forest, much further degraded than the Amazon but less publicized, showed definitive evidence of improved tree cover after tribes were granted official title to their territories. There is a growing body of evidence to support the role of Indigenous leadership in long-term biodiversity conservation. One strategy that has been building momentum globally is the movement to preserve natural landscapes by granting them direct legal rights. In recent years, many rivers have been granted personhood, protecting them from obstruction and pollution and giving them the right to sue. https://insideclimatenews.org/news/06022023/brazil-atlantic-forest-indigenous-communities-deforestation/
NatureProtecting Ecuador’s Cloud Forest: An article released earlier this month highlights grassroots conservation in Ecuador’s threatened cloud forest including regenerative agriculture, restoration, female empowerment, and anti-mining protests. These biodiversity hotspots house ⅙ of the world’s plant species, and animals from spectacled bears, to puma, to a number of endemic amphibians, but their proximity to mining operations has threatened Ecuador’s largely degraded cloud forests for decades. Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag (DECOIN) has been supporting this regenerative work for the past 28 years. They are guided by their ecosystems: from women-owned natural materials co-op, to natural restoration practices which include planting over 75,000 native trees since the 2000s, to supporting organic coffee farms in the region. They currently steward 12,000 acres of land against mining threats, creating a wellspring of opportunities for the many species sharing their vibrant landscape. https://news.mongabay.com/2023/01/in-ecuador-communities-protecting-a-terrestrial-coral-reef-face-a-mining-giant/
NatureDinosaurs of the Sky: Consummate 19th-Century Scottish Natural History Illustrations of Birds https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/02/07/edinburgh-journal-birds/ via @brainpicker
Nature#Update: "Schoolyards are going green" https://thecarbonalmanac.org/schoolyards-are-going-green/ Herewith, learning and knowing and doing activities
NatureLight pollution has cut humanity's ancient connection with the stars – but we can restore it #nightsky https://theconversation.com/light-pollution-has-cut-humanitys-ancient-connection-with-the-stars-but-we-can-restore-it-198035 via @ConversationUK
Nature#Perspective: Riding the green wave - #oceans https://thecarbonalmanac.org/riding-the-green-wave/
WellthChallenge - WELLcome!
You walk with the the sum total of your experiences...
And, who walks with you...
alone & loneliness (search today, tomorrow)...
sharing with what I felt
- ALONE in the CROWD https://youtu.be/VfgWldeGsIQ
via @YouTube @GreenRenaissanc
[the the is correct]
Wellth#nerodiversity #habits Habit stacking with how! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/neurodiversity-making-habit-stacking-work-prof-amanda-kirby
WellthOkay then, reading for #insight: #Fidelity, compression and culture https://seths.blog/2023/02/fidelity-compression-and-culture/ #AI
Wellth#Perspective on #SundayMorning "Nick Cave on the Art of Growing #Older" https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/02/07/nick-cave-growing-older/ via @brainpicker
WellthOverview of "What is the metaverse?" Read to stay in the loop))smiles https://mck.co/3z6TIX7 via @McKinsey
WellthHave you wondered what the term "metaverse" means? You might find this article useful! https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/mckinsey-explainers/what-is-the-metaverse

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts Available from Stephen Hobbs

I sorted them by keyword in the left-hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.

Freedom is about thoughts, when spoken, that guide living via what we be-have-do. I appreciate the times in which I live. I celebrate my life.
My movement is best understood by packing the items in my day pack that make sense to walk with.
Of knowing what matters in living your life, it's then, the wellthy-wealthy decisions make sense for you and those you involve to experience the extraordinary
Words like "bridge" and "light" are words to explain being-having-doing. Is that the case for you? Or do you use other words like?

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7 Programming Intentions 2023 

Outline of the "7 Intentions: A Program for Olders to Be Elders" from the WELLth Movement
#legacy #nature #safety #mentor #experience

Blog: https://wellthmovement.com/7-intentions-program-wellth-movement-02152023 

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Summary of Free Writing by Stephen Hobbs

Use the ideas here to co-create additional ideas.
Remember - they are free writing, including use of unfamiliar words
and, there might be some (w)holes in them ))smiles 

Simplicity of living is the gratitude felt and expressed for what is in front of you. There is no lack of. Because you are here.

NOW... OWN ... WON... might there be a message here for you?

Trees are the educators of children as they are the educators of adults - when you care to listen and learn, then share and educate. A grove trees, and trees as a forest are places where your awareness grows about the possibilities of living an extraordinary life, creating well-living workplaces, and eco-creating the wealthy wellthy world.

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