December 7, 2022

Stay Found December 7 Full Moon Update

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Sharing insights posted via social media until December 7, 2022.
Will post approximately every two weeks on the Full Moon and New Moon dates.
Note: I will go through iterations until I settle on the best format ))smiles

Today, includes:

  • Featured Thought - written for this post -- "Feet on the Track"
  • Summary: Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others - links live when posted
  • Images scattered throughout our WELLth Movement Social Media - as posted 
  • Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from  WELLTH Movement (WM) & International Mentoring Community (IMC) -- WM is the co-founder and administrator for IMC

December 7, 2022 Announcement:

Sharing what's unfolding at WELLth Movement:
We guide olders to be elders...who serve as mentors
as they discover & shape the legacy, they want to live (and leave)...
with mentoring certification from International Mentoring Community

Forthcoming Work-Book: Mentoring NOW in final edits!

Reader Focus: For those new to mentoring, and those who started mentoring and want added tips, tools, and techniques. A seasoned mentor can still benefit from the content.


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Feet on the Track

While walking, share
a lightness of being
a sense of humor
the flexibility of being & doing
an accessible manner 

a reverence of nature
for your kin, the wild kin,
celestial kin,
visible & invisible,
dead, dying, beginning,

an ethical interpretation
 a degree of common sense
 a source of insight
an interpretation of your gifts
a resonance with webs of life

your archetype with nature
that expresses being natural,
being planetary, being Solaris,
being you, being fully human

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine your Walk with Nature to a place where you see:

Bur Oak
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Legacy Insight

Summary: Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

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At the time of posting the links were live. And, they were pointed at legitimate content. 

EducationThe Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything There are two types of knowledge and most of us focus on the wrong one.

ElderI care. You care. We care. And yet, the caring of sharing seems muddy for some of the ways to live our extraordinary lives. Share the caring! Onword!
ElderIn being an Elder, it is to acknowledge the path you are walking today is different than the path new generations walk from tomorrow. Yet, both of you are walking!
ElderStorytelling and the Art of Tenderness: Olga Tokarczuk's Magnificent Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech via @brainpicker #storysharing #livedexperience #wisdom
ElderTragedy of the Communication - when persons feel hunger, are without shelter, drink dirty water, breathe polluted air - I call upon the elders to help!
Elder#Possibility: Opinions are opinions from the outside in. They are possible precursors of beliefs from the inside out. Before speaking either, consider the "I suppose" of both.

ExperienceMoving forward is framed by what I know and what I'm knowing. Each has a place in guiding decisions-action-outcomes

LegacyFrom situational learning, once you know about the two sides of the coin, about the two ends of the stick, can you converse wholeheartedly
LegacyYour awareness, your presence is expressed through gratitude, inspiration, & enthusiasm for what is unfolding about and around you
LegacyWhen I hold my Awareness Stick, I remember one end is "Intention", the other end "Attention." When I pick up awareness, I pick up the other two. #Consideration #sundayvibes The Art of Divination: D.H. Lawrence on the Power of Pure Attention @brainpicker
LegacyWhen you action Plan A = Ah! Plan B = Be! Plan C = See the alphabet ABC are necessary to action your legacy - onword!
LegacySonder: The Realization That Everyone Has A Story Source:
LegacyOnism: The Awareness of How Little of the World You'll Experience Source:
LegacyKoinophobia: The Fear that You've Lived an Ordinary Life Source:
LegacyOf what you have does it make sense to have it? Does it make you look like a Downer? Dazzler? Dufus? Or look like an Actionist? Activisit? Advisor? Can you have both -- at the same time?
LegacyWithin to without for reasons of between, in turn encourage together, and allows for beyond actions -- Stories of concern, Stories of influence, Stories of humanity expressing significare (significant care)
LegacyLiving Your Older Life: Are you yielding to confusion and anger? Have you gotten lost without purpose? Are you without, forgotten the ways forward? Decide today, another way!

MentoringIMC Mentoring video: Business Case for Mentoring
MentoringMentoring Leading, Mentor Leader, NOISE NEWSS 4 Examples, Thoughts for 2023

MovementExperience the extraordinary while noting the trail markers along the way
MovementUse technology as a wayfinding companion for those misty days and deep ravines. Then, put it into your prevention backpack, and walk on!
MovementHatch new ideas. Then, take the accompanying bold strides along the path you are walking
MovementCommit to the way, with courage as a willing amplifier for being ready and able
MovementIdeas about creating and supporting socio-cultural movements --- carbon footprint movement... You have the power to bring about change
MovementNavigate with resilience as a guide book for the trail you're walking
MovementWalking your life requires candour, dignity and perseverance without bemoaning the sweat effort required.
MovementTo be for the world, with the planet, and from the whole, it's important you read the NEWS with a safety lens for the communities in which you influence
MovementFor the process you enact and share with others - of which there are many - do so knowing what will arrive may be different than what you intended
MovementLiving on the moon within 8-10 years... consider the implications here and there! #environment
MovementUmensional ways of being-having-doing are available. The playground you seek is the path you walk (for some run or cycle))smiles
MovementThe persons you'll meet today - whether in person or otherwise - create a forest of possibility to test your patience, flexibility, and discretion

NatureIt's podcast time from The Carbon Almanac - 4 available: "Listen to us" #nature #carbon
NatureHm, I say "Hm?" #Weasels, not #pandas, should be the poster animal for #biodiversity loss via @ConversationUS
NatureNature story: Interacting with local lakes has you travel rivers of interdependence to the global oceans. Lakes feed oceans, oceans feed lakes, rivers sustain.
NatureMany TREEmendous articles - including one on supporting children dealing with the planet crying! The Waggle - Issue 34:
NatureBiosphere and technosphere: Faced with a planetary emergency, is deep ecological transformation, a ‘megamorphosis’ of modern society, still a possibility #natureasteacher
NatureA #Philippine resin trade proves #sustainable for #forests, but not tappers via @Mongabay #perspective
NatureDimming the Sun to Cool the Planet Is a Desperate Idea, Yet We’re Inching Toward It: The scientists who study solar geoengineering don’t want anyone to try it. But climate inaction is making it more likely.By Bill McKibben
NatureBecause of the #changes occurring for, with, and from us - We need #transition approaches that bring forth systemic leadership and systematic management ... know the concepts, action the practices -- a useful-helpful-eventful resource:
NatureWill you be our next #gpi2050 tree planting partner in FY23? Reach out to Festus Kiplagat 🌳 #climateaction #sustainability #future
NatureMapped: Carbon Dioxide Emissions Around the World
Nature How to Identify a Tree By Leaf, Bark and Fruit | Wood and Lumber Identification for Woodworking
NatureHarvesting the earth’s heat #technology #yyc
NatureHow might Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge (ITEK) inform ecopsychology?. Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge may help ecopsychology play a more important role in addressing the global challenges of climate change... This conceptual paper highlights three ecopsychology lessons from Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge (ITEK), which is viewed by Indigenous people as a way of life more than a body of knowledge. ITEK encourages listening to voices typically excluded from Western discourse, recognizes the danger of Western modernity that can denigrate Indigenous beliefs, and re-frames modernity as a contributor to environmental challenges. By Coope (2019)
NatureIndigenous ecological attachment can promote ecological empathy and mindfulness, important for enhancing nature connectedness This study developed an assessment of ecological attachment, empathy, mindfulness, and green action from an Indigenous perspective using tools and measures. It used the measures to assess a behavioral intervention to reconnect non-Indigenous participants to nature. Results suggest that ecological attachment actions can improve ecological empathy and mindfulness in non-Indigenous participants. Returning to an Indigenous perspective and knowledge might be the way to help reverse ecological crises, but policies and political changes are also needed.Kurth et al., 2020
Nature#Consideration --- Rarest birds are the most threatened @Resurgence_mag
Nature"The electrical language of fungi" #environment #nature @Resurgence_mag
NatureWorked in this area - Uganda side in late 80s - about HIV/AIDS and tree planting and so, the tilte is wow! "Gorillas in the midst" This situation is "Yikes, stripes, and zebra spots" important... @Resurgence Magazine
Nature#Perspective #Possibility #DefinitionTerms Climate stability made civilization possible
NaturePolicy Brief via @UNECEForestry --- see image via @GPI2050
NatureThe Poetic Science of the Aurora Borealis via @brainpicker ...I've seen them over a campfire while we shared songs and stories!
NatureFinding balance and umami in the Olympic National Forest -- Chef Melissa King journeys through an old-growth forest with National Geographic Explorer Korena Mafune to forage mushrooms and create a dish inspired by the spirit of the place. Sponsored by Mazda
NatureLike a phoenix from the ashes: how Mongabay informed action for a threatened forest in Madagascar | Mongabay Impacts
Nature#Perspective... Retired Forester Blasts Professional Association in Resignation Letter via @TheTyee #readingtounderstand
NatureCreating a Forest Monitoring Program in Sharamentsa Pachamama Alliance #drones #technology
NatureThe City of Providence, Rhode Island held a ribbon cutting ceremony to launch its first green schoolyard as part of a broader citywide plan. Providence is part of the Cities Connecting Children to Nature (CCCN) initiative, a national partnership of the National League of Cities and the Children & Nature Network. Providence’s green schoolyard plan is one of their CCCN strategies aimed at connecting the city's children with nature in a more equitable way. City of Providence.
NatureAt Chicago-area 'forest school,' nature is the classroom... Free Haven Forest School in Illinois abides by the motto, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing,” and conducts class outside 12 months out of the year. The campus is equipped with a tree house, creek, chicken coop, and acres of woods, and curriculum is developed around students’ interests. Students are encouraged to explore and take risks (safely), with younger students learning to extract honey from bee hives while older students are instructed in fire building. "When nature is your classroom, you're never going to run out of things to learn about, to be curious about, or to ask questions about," said the school’s founder. "When kids are outside they're less anxious, they're less depressed, and they can focus better." ABC7.
NatureIndia’s forest schools back to the traditional concept of Gurukul, in which students lived on school premises and much of their learning was experiential as they worked together to maintain their shared residence. Similarly, in the forest schools of India today, children learn from team activities. They also take part in supervised risky play like trekking, and physical play, which helps them develop their coordination and agility.
NatureMany schools are not teaching climate change - What? Here is a link to many great resources... #nature #trees
Nature#poem #nature #treecrying #cryingtrees #creativeexpression #wednesdaythought Pic: Sharon Bowes with thanks!

WellthFound - useful - this morning: #Neurodiversity --- How to stop becoming overwhelmed...
Wellth"As we wrap up our user testing phase, we have continued to add new "tree-based, forest-based, nature-based" projects to In fact, we recently reached a new milestone: 348 projects are now available to view and explore!
WellthThinking out loud about what I can be-have-do --- learn-know-action - for the world, with the planet, from the whole. Do you want to walk with me? #wellth #movement #legacy #older #elder
WellthThere is the Never Ending Story as there is the Ever Eventing Story
WellthLife Inspired: 5 Fall Reads for Your Body, Mind and Spirit Journey... The season's best self-help books include Michelle Obama on hope, Harold R. Johnson on creativity and Ann Douglas' honest guide for mid-life women / BY DENE MOORE @Zoomer I chose The Power of Story
WellthSeneca on Gratitude and What It Really Means to Be a Generous Human Being via @brainpicker
WellthToday is the time of using what I know, and move into knowing when refinement is required or fine tuning is requested.
WellthI'm flying my two-handed kite with the wind gusts. Before, I was flying my kite and the kites of others. Playing in the sky, with a smile while dancing 

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