December 23, 2022

Stay Found December 23 New Moon Update

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Today, includes:

  • Featured Nature Thought - written for this post -- "Consideration"
  • Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others - links live when posted
  • Free Writing by Stephen Hobbs for Use by the Reader while some included in images below
  • A collection of Images & Short Videos uploaded on Social Media Channels
  • Last Six Blog Posts
  • Book Review 


As you walk
your way
the paved way
the track way
you decide
the ceremonies
the rituals
the acknowledgement
of the gift of life

From this living
pause, consider
the walker
you have been,
can be, and
who will walk
with generosity 
to find a home among
family, friends, and
with community

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine reading this passage as you Walk with Nature - walk with the forest in the picture below. 

Photographer: Sharon Bowes

Trees Forest Winter Sharon Bowes
Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

They are sorted by keyword in the left hand column.
At the time of posting the links were live. And, they were pointed at legitimate content. 

EducationAppreciate learning about #neurodiversity and the #brain... considerations for #olders who are #elders
ElderOlders as Elders [travelling] as Station Chefs in Queensland, Australia - Wow! A lot of reminders --- I'm smiling!
LegacyAuthor Talks: The simple way to get more great ideas via @McKinsey with Stanford’s Jeremy Utley proposes approaching creativity with a “begun” mentality, where innovation is incorporated into daily practice instead of occurring only in sprints.
LegacyA #treemendous story about living one's extraordinary life - from @theageist #nature
LegacyThe Ripple Effect of Your Life by Dr. John Demartini
LegacyWords, having fun with words: "25 Words That Are Their Own Opposites" via @Pocket
MentoringMentoring Magazine... Issue 1
MovementYes, 4 shore, for sure "Walking for Fitness: What Muscles Does Walking Work?" via @Pocket
MovementFinding the Movement that Works for You @theAgeist
NatureA hedged farm track allowed to run wild is a haven for birds, bees, insects, and other wildlife. Hedgerows are considered Britain's largest wildlife habitat. By Tristan Mcconnell
NatureA hedged farm track allowed to run wild is a haven for birds, bees, insects, and other wildlife. Hedgerows are considered Britain's largest wildlife habitat. By Tristan Mcconnell
NatureCanadians, let's take a look: "The State of Canada’s Forests Annual Report"
NatureTo attain global climate and biodiversity goals, we must reclaim nature in our cities via @ConversationCA
NatureThe second stride - TU Pat "How Pat reduced her town’s streetlight energy use by 75%" @PachamamaOrg
Nature#Consideration #Perspective "Nations adopt Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework" via @Mongabay #nature #biodiversity
Nature6 Times Quantum Physics Blew Our Minds in 2022 "Quantum telepathy, laser-based time crystals, a glow from empty space and an “unreal” universe—these are the most awesome (and awfully hard to understand) results from the subatomic realm we encountered in 2022"
NatureHow it works: "A Visual Crash Course on Geothermal Energy" #nature #energy #geothermal
NatureUpdates about #Regeneration 2023... WOW!
Nature#Perspectives: Climate change can be beaten - why some scientists are hopeful via @TC_Africa #climate
NatureWhat if government spent big on greening homes #green #housing
NatureUK's old trees critical to climate change fight. By Victoria Gill
NatureA mushroom #canoe - I say, "HM!" TU for the story...
NatureDid you know?... "Sequestering carbon increases nutritional content of food"
NatureTen Strands Announces Seven Community- and Student-Centered Groups to Write Climate Change and Environmental Justice Curricula
NatureIs your city a Tree City?
NatureNeed some cheering up? #nature alert about from
Nature#Perspective: Arctic Report Card 2022: The Arctic is getting rainier and seasons are shifting, with broad disturbances for people, ecosystems and wildlife via @ConversationUS
Nature NASA and CO2 and the Earth
Nature#Green #Perspective --- #Learning "Cheating Death-Related Emissions via @TheTyee
Nature#Perspective: 'Polycrisis' may be a buzzword, but it could help us tackle the world's woes via @ConversationCA
NatureHelp Us Train the Leaders Who Will Heal Our Planet
NatureThe First Romantics and the Invention of the Self: How a Circle of Friends and Lovers United Nature and Human Nature via @brainpicker
NatureGoing to dig in more: "5 senses? In fact, architects say there are 7 ways we perceive our environments" via @ConversationCA
Nature’56 things to do outdoors before you turn 14′ initiative launched by Nature Play SA - #LifeBeInIt #PlayOnDemand - both late 70s --- they were great fun, as this initiative is!
NatureUsing art and song to help bring the world's largest mangrove swamp back from the brink via @FR_Conversation
NatureAh yes - another #perspective "We Love City Trees. Until They Land on Us" via @TheTyee
NatureWhile you may not want to be a climate activist - how about becoming an environmental actionist in your words, on your terms? You’ve got a friend (talk to them)
NatureAppreciate the various stories, with a #nature focus The Waggle - Issue 36:
NatureGreat - #treemendous - #wordlicious update... 'The Lost Words' Restores Nature to Children's Vocabulary via @string
Safety#Consideration #Perspective #Decisions: "Staring at decisions"

Summary of Free Writing by Stephen Hobbs

Some statements became pictures seen below.
They are sorted by keyword in the left hand column.
Use the ideas here to co-create additional ideas. 
Remember - they are free writing including use of new words - and - there might be some (w)holes in them ))smiles 

EducationParker Palmer: "Knowledge gained from 30 years of educating goes hand and hand with my sense of butterflies at the start of each class."
EducationWhen you mentor, the mentee knows it's working when there is coherence between the mentoring arrangement and connection, and with the collaborative conversations.
EducatorAs educators, wading through the mindfields of opposites and unsure responses allows for these tensions to push and pull in the best interests of all
EducatorTo educate requires waiting through the silence between asking the question and receiving the response
EducatorAs educators, we live through the angst of embracing the tensions of opposites so we can equilibrate them with light, as love. Otherwise, the tensions go underground and chafe the movement.
EducatorWith immersion in the webs of correspondences, what we share as wisdom is influenced by what we are knowing as facts
EducatorLiving extraordinary lives occurs through dynamic conversations in communities where we test old conclusions and come into new ones
EducatorWe can not know the great things of the wholverse without knowing ourselves to be great things. Sacred means worthy of respect.
EducatorTo improve something has its inherent inequalities. I suggest feed-forward and feed-fromward instead of feed-back as a way to loverage truth, trust, and transparency
EducatorVAMPing is to the educator who cares about evolvement as VAMPire is of the educator who neglects their involvement
EducatorIn being an educator for the world, I nurture my sense of self while asking others about how they see me as I educate
EducatorTo support learning, honor & develop the practices for the educating approach you'll use. Make your approach explicit. Do not refer to one using the practices of the other. When you mentor, mentor. When you coach, coach.
EducatorAs you educate, remain alert to your possible self punishment when you diminish your educating approach. Appreciate the educator within, the educating without.
ExperienceAs you review your work - what meaningful pattern recognition technique do you use to continue, stop, and start what is essential?
ExperienceWhile writing my book about the Well-Living Organization, I'm reminded, "Organization culture is not a tool or technique that managers can readily manipulate as contingencies demand." Edgar Schein
LegacyYou feel the tension. Ask yourself, "So what? What else? Now what?" If okay, ask these questions with your tension participant.
LegacyInduction is inhaling; deduction is exhaling; abduction is breathing. Multi-sensing out loud.
LegacyHave you reduced your intellectual perspective to cold abstraction? What about your emotional and spiritual perspectives? Time to rescript?
LegacyFor good to happen, it occurs when you stride forward along the path as you interact with others
LegacyThe story of what's next - framed by experience - is the story you share with your yourself, and offer as wisdom with others
LegacyWhen the sentence does not end in a period, there is much for us to consider about the period
Legacy"You've written it?" Was the question asked by the reader. I said, "Yes." I did not hear back. I thought, onword!
LegacyThe hobby called "Your Autobiography" - Write (draw, video, etc.) your stories of lived experience and the contributions you've made. #familybestseller
LegacyOf what you create and share, remember it's for the time it's meant to stay present for most, and others on a search later.
LegacyConsider to embrace solitude rather than loneliness and community rather than crowd; and equilibrate living with solitude and community
LegacyEither/or -- transaction; both/and -- transformation; both either and or -- transcendence. Multi-sensing out loud!
LegacyAs we educate, we create places and spaces in which truth, worth, and utility are practiced as a community of significare.
LegacyWithout relationship, we involve ourselves at arm's length; with relationship, we evolve ourselves with embracement
LegacyAs you move into the new year, who within you will unfold to share stories of gratitude & presence, while walking with inspiration & enthusiasm, all from felt certainty
LegacyLegacy is enacted in the strides taken everyday. The footprints along the trackway - of which yours contribute - offer your story for the generations ahead

Legacy Written It Onword
Legacy Consider Period
Legacy From Within New Year
Legacy Hobby Autobiography
Legacy Create Share Present
Stay Found Walking Approach

Mentor Practices and International Mentoring Community

Book Review: The Lakota Way

Excerpt: I never tired of the stories, and I would ask to hear my favorites again and again, my version of watching a movie over and over. Those stories were not just of humans, or “two-leggeds,” they were about other kinds of people as well: the elk people, the bear people, the bird people, and so on. And they were about the land. I never heard a story that didn't involve the land in some way. Joseph M. Marshall III, The Lakota Way p.xii

My Amazon Review: As I read the book, I walked in the stories - albeit in my mind's eye.  And, I felt the weather, sat in the homes, and I cried with persons I met. TU Joseph M. Marshall III - I enjoyed the read and learned a lot - and you filled in a few blank spots of history of the plains.

The Lakota Way by Marshall

TU for Reading and Watching

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