Short Course Intelligence

A Short Course in Intelligence

Join Chris Thomson as you journey into an introductory course on Intelligence.

Listen in as Chris introduces himself and provides an overview of the course in the video below.

chris thomson course intelligence

Update: Chris Thomson has transitioned. Chris was one of my 2010s mentors. In honor of him, I'm loading this course in Wholversity. All money made from your purchases will be sent 1/4ly to a tree project in Spain. Details to follow. To be clear, all money from your investment in the course will go the Spanish Tree Project. Accounting can be found on the Wellth Giving page

The course has 7 modules, activities for each module, and a pdf copy of the Ebook. Book is available on Amazon - click the image to the right.

Course Content:

Why a course in intelligence? For two very compelling reasons...

Module 1:
Are we intelligent... explores what intelligence is

Module 2:
The Whole of You... explores the fact that intelligence is about the whole of you

Module 3:
Sense, Adapt, Respond... gives you structure to work on your intelligence

Module 4:
Body Sense... explores physical intelligence

Module 5:
Simply Knowing... explores intuitive intelligence

Suggested thoughts and actions to move forward

tree stories appreciation enquiry problem inquiry
chris thomson course intelligence
Short Course Simplicity Book Cover

Chris' last book, Short Course on Simplicity is included.
Unpublished version - that is, his last edited version.

There is a Comment section in each Module, where your questions are answered -- in public view.
Alternatively, you can use the Contact Page to chat with Dr. Stephen Hobbs (on behalf of Chris).  
A link is provided on each page in the course. It's on this web page!

PS - your email will not be added to any list. Nor sold to another person.
We'll use your email to communicate about the course - ONLY! 

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The pic is Chris Thomson from a café he frequented in Spain.
Chris has since transitioned and walking the universe he loves!

chris thomson spain

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