When YOU Listen You Learn; When YOU Share you Educate 

Here are ten insights about sharing your leadership legacy with others. Also, these insights are useful to all aspects of your life legacy.

Take the time to read each one. Formulate how you will action both over the week ahead. Do so! And keep a journal of your reflection and comments you receive from those benefiting from your leadership legacy.

Educate though a mutually caring relationship; be alert to when you are careful (more about them, less about you) and careless (more about you, less about them), and align yourself with being caring (about each other in fair exchange over time)

Recognize when people ask you to educate them; be grateful in their request; find the balance of asking and telling recognizing they often want to do things their own way

Ensure your education commitments are upheld; if something comes up, communicate your recommitment; be attuned to the number of times you are recommitting because you will not be in fair exchange

Describe and explain your educating intentions for the work at hand; be aware of what is communicated because your words matter; remain alert to matching the educating approach with the learning activities

Work to your strengths in how you educate; identify which educating approach comes naturally; determine who can support you when a different approach is required for the learning outcomes

Demonstrate presence when educating others; remain firm in how long you mutually agree to spend time together; develop an exit strategy that closes the connection with respect

Share with others why and how you are educating them; be heartfelt in sharing the leadership and management story; integrate your life legacy story to highlight your humanity

Welcome opportunities to learn about yourself as you educate; celebrate when the learner becomes your educator; write your insights into a working journal

Ease into educating others; be gracious in your encouragement of their involvement; use appropriate humor to bridge the learner’s desired outcome with your educating approach

Inform through peoples’ hierarchy of values; connect to their highest values; confirm (rather than assume) their values

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Dr. Stephen Hobbs is a Decision Mentor. He’s available to guide you as a business owner, entrepreneur, executive or team leader to make better decisions. He uses a mix of facilitating, coaching and mentoring to realize your outcomes ethically and in your words. An hour with Steve straightens out even the biggest decision so you can see the forest and the trees.




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