June 1, 2022

Safe Space for Mentoring Conversations Otherwise Feel Disconnected

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Safe Space for Mentoring Conversation
Otherwise Feel Disconnected

Connection - Conversion - Completion

Mentee comes to mentoring because the mentee feels disconnected
For self - with others - from the whole

  • Lost
  • Stuck
  • Searching 
  • Must be another way than going through the motions 
  • Lonely 
  • “Feel disconnected”

If mentors do not meet the mentees
where the mentees are with empathy
Then mentors demonstrate they are

  • Not wholehearted
  • Not open
  • Not vulnerable
  • Confused

Mentee may call into question
the readiness, ability, and willingness of mentor to mentor
Whether consciously or non-consciously

They express it
They feel it

Connection - Relationship
The who meets the who
for reasons of being

Being fully human
Being natural
Being planetary
Being solaris 

The mentor and mentee each have a within and without
They come to the connection - the time together through 

There between (as they get started, learning to dance with one another) and then together (they can dance different dances with grace)

Feel - to touch
Feel - to interpret emotions

To give them a name
To decide the action required
To open up a conversation 

Exchange of
ideas - insights - interpretations - investigations - interruptions

Formal and/or informal
In person (even using technology)
Arrive at “togetherness” in the connection through caring and sharing (versus telling and selling)

Collaborative Conversation
Assertive (confidence, assured)
and Cooperative (interactive, harmonious)

Seeking the between place and together space

Place - formal - foreground
Space - informal - background

While mentoring - the conversation is supported by Safe systems - as in the process of mentoring (to manage)

If you are mentoring mentor
(not coach or unless you request to shift to another educating approach)

When you mentor - you mentor

Safer practices - the activities selected in the process (to lead)

For example: With IMC we do not say there is “one way to mentor” However, of the practices you use must align with the generally accepted concepts and practices of mentoring 

When you mentor, mentor!

Also, there is no one size fits all form of mentoring 

Because of the conversation
Because of the connection
Because of the outcome required/requested by the mentee

For the completion of the mentoring arrangement
Then remain minding of connect - convert - complete

Connection - conversation - completion


Listen to the video again
And pick up the subtleties Comment below - Add questions


Mentoring is two way Trusted
Strategic Alliance using a
Collaborative Conversation approach
When and where
Both mentee and mentor
Benefit from
Personally and/or Professionally

  1. The mentee and mentor decides the time assigned
  2. The mentee and mentor decides the space and place of mentoring
  3. The connection - conversion - completion of mentoring is decided by the mentee and mentor 

Travel well!

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