December 14, 2022

Retrospective of Mentoring 2022 IMC Live Videos

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What are Important Tools and Techniques for Mentoring?

00:00 Introduction

03:35 Mentoring Definition

08:14 # of videos in 2022 = 50 + today’s video
Topics summary:
_tools and techniques = 16 - overview presentations
_mentor and mentee, connection and arrangement = 20
_mentorship (business, certification, mental health) = 14 +1 today

10:50 What tickled our audience (viewing #s)?
-Oct 5_ 7 Tools and techniques
- Oct 19_ About certification
_March_ Coaching and Mentoring 

16:30 What we thought was profound? And why!
The growth of mentoring as a business solution - it has, for so long, lacked momentum
The recognition of mentoring as a part of the support structure continues to grow - awareness of mental health and of mentoring together has helped raise awareness.
Unfolding the mentor stories - about how to improve, focus and strengthen concepts and practices… that carry over to mentees as well (two sides of a coin)
Appetite for tools and techniques - getting specific with practices… 

21:52 Plans for 2023
_Website renaming:; mentor practice
_Community is where certification occurs
_Otherwise looking to acknowledge, advance, and amplify concepts, AND improve, focus, strengthen practices WHILE using connection, competition, collaboration analysis
_Weekend workshops in 4-hour and 8-hour formats
...Prepping for Certification
...Reflection and the Mentoring Log
...Hook, Story, Offer of Mentoring - Your business approach
...Hook, Story, Ask of Mentoring - Your Mentoring for the Workplace presentation
_9 module online course with videos and handouts, and support
...For an organization

Doug Lawrence - Director of Education/Outreach
Dr. Stephen Hobbs - Director of Certification

Reach out to us with your comments - to ask questions - to get involved with mentoring certification... 

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