Research Focus about Mentoring

Dr. Stephen Hobbs
Doug Lawrence

Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Research is about the search for truth, worth, and utility.

It's accomplished through research methodologies using associated tools, techniques, and technologies.

Of importance to the Mentoring Research underway is the Developmental Research Methodology --> via the Hermeneutic Phenomenology Approach with Personal Narrative (open interview) tools, techniques, and technologies. 

The Intention of Research on Mentor-Mentoring-Mentorship
What is Research ...
Why Research Mentor-Mentoring-Mentorship ...
What is the Research Inquiry?

Hermeneutic Phenomenology
Define Hermeneutics
Define Phenomenology
Describe and Explain Hermeneutic Phenomenology
Explain the Research Tools, Techniques, Technologies 
Reference - a starting point 

Doug Lawrence

 Research regarding the Practice of Mentoring

  • Using reflective processes to evolve the Practice of Mentoring

Research regarding Mental Health and Mentoring

  • Role of the Mentor in Mental Health
  • PTSD and Mentoring
  • Role of Journey Mentor

Hierarchy of Mentoring

  1. Mentor
  2. Great Mentor
  3. Extraordinary Mentor

Topical Issues Regarding All Things Mentoring

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