April 4, 2017

Read Announcement about WELLth Movement

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On March 31st I was to make an announcement - and the spring flu arrived. Better now ))smiles

And so ...

I, through WELLth Movement, guide entrepreneurs (whether a start-up and/or established) to "make a movement with their customers" (using the Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform)

read announcement wellth movement

~~~ make a movement or making a movement is your decision to be for the world ... about creating personal movement in living your "flow" life ... more so, in co-creating movement through your business within your community and/or eco-creating/supporting a social movement

~~~ EX2 for short ... is a platform - a group of nested tools and techniques (and technologies) field-tested with $100M+ Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions as it is with entrepreneurs struggling to draw their strategic map, then write their operational plans to move forward.
~ It's well-researched drawing from adult education, neuroscience, industrial psychology, sociology, ecology, etc. to name a few "ologies."
~ EX2 does not replace your existing systems. That is, there is no need to start from scratch. It's about articulating a recreated/reimagined/reinvented approach to your business "to feed your cravings for your life through your business."
~ It is about working with your customers (and employees) to leverage their involvement and evolvement in their words.
~ EX2 has you design and deliver extraordinary experiences that fully express your life and leadership legacy story.

And from a WELLth Movement perspective - the website copy is moving - the blog adds more insight - the videos will elaborate even more. The products, services, and experiences are settling in. And, I'm finding my voice and position as I share my authority and mastery.

I have much to edit - much to learn.

I ask you to share your ideas and suggestions with me. I WELLcome your involvement, your movement!

Onward ...

wellth movement

Until the next post, enjoy the Additional Resources listed below. 

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Yours for the wellth of it, 

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