April 27, 2021

Program and Project Updates for Grandparents April 27, 2021

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Topic Covered: 

1)) 7 Suggestions to Excite Grandparents Involvement in an Extraordinary Community [[article]]  

2)) "Tree Cradle of Snow" - Tree Inspirited Story #1   

3)) Celebration pic for Grandparents "I See You!" [[pic]]  

4)) "Walk in the Park - Sunset" - Tree Inspirited Story #2   

5)) Links to 4 articles found in the wild wood net [[articles]]  

6)) Some play time in the front yard of a neighbor [[pics]]  


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April 21, 2021

Medium Article April 21 2021

Published 7 Suggestions to Excite Grandparents  Involvement in an Extraordinary Community on Medium

Includes --- Invitation to get involved; 37 Questions asked (and require answers); 7 Suggestions to get started

Invitation to Grandparents
Questions Grandparents are Asking
7 Suggestion to Excite Grandparents Involvement

Grandparents - added more insights to my webpage about the Trembling Aspen...

Today sharing "metaphoric meanings" --- did you know "aspen" means "shield" in Greek... and the aspen wood of years ago was used to make warrior shields? 

April Aspen Metaphoric Meaning

April 22, 2021 --- Earth Day

Happy 1/365th day of earth appreciation - and for the remaining 364 of 365 days --- what say you? Whether a singular you or the plural you.

Grandparents - let's find ways to make it better for the generations to follow --- the whole earth story!

Tree Inspirited Story #1 for Grandparents and Grandkids

"Tree Cradle of Snow" with pics

PS - learning to shoot at night video --- LOL!

Looking down - into the cradle...

Looking into the cradle from the end

April 23, 2021

Sharing some thoughts...

Wayne Dyer Quote Intention
Thought Truth Observation Question
Travelling Together

April 24, 2021

Grandparents - I See You... 

With celebration and appreciation...

April Pescott_-Aspen-Spring

Jim Pescott painting

Grandfather Grandmother Tree Elder

April 25, 2021

Tree Inspirited Story 2 for Grandparents and Grandkids

A walk in the park at sunset - sharing my intention to visit another day to identify the #trees - introduce you to cozy Spruce Groves to sit in and play

April Aspen Leaf

Outdoors for All: Access to Nature is a Human Right

Grandparents you have a contribution to make --- let's make it happen!

For your reading pleasure ---

Perspective: Grandparents... The grand old trees of the world are dying, leaving forests younger and shorter
Access from National Geographic 

Perspective: Grandparents... Birds, bison, and bears—here’s how to see wildlife from your car
Access from National Geographic Travel 

Perspective: Grandparents The Spirituality of Science and the Wonder of the Wilderness: Ornithologist and Wildlife Ecologist J. Drew Lanham on Nature as Worship
Access from Brainpicker 

April 26, 2021

Walking into the week - after an interesting number-based weekend:

'Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.'
~ Aristotle


Front yard --- in the neighborhood I walk --- inspired my childlike imagination as an adult ))smiles  

Where some may see yuck - I see a place to play!
From the sidewalk at least.

Front Yard Play Place
Front Yard Play Place
Front Yard Play Place
Front Yard Play Place
Front Yard Play Place
Front Yard Play Place

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