July 14, 2022

Predictability of Mentoring

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Topics Covered

Predictability of Mentoring
Forward Thinking on the Predictability of Mentoring

00:01 Introduction

03:38 Predictability
The definition of predictable is a person
for whom it is easy to anticipate actions,
or something that is easy to foresee or anticipate what it will do.
An example of predictability is a person who always shows up late.
An example of predictability is the sun rising every morning.
[online Dictionaries]

05:36 Coherence (synonym)
The quality of being logical and consistent
The quality of forming a whole - integration
[online Dictionaries]

06:48 Why is predictability important?

  • Pathway - stones on the pathway – default patterns
  • Psychological safety - in all ways
  • Expectation vs commitment (estimates vs promise keeping)
  • Clarity and confidence (consistency and contribution)

12:05 When does predictability move from being a strength to weakness?
Icarus Paradox

14:48 Mentoring - definition

Predictability of Mentoring

15:42 Predictable mentoring relationships can quickly become routine,
making every connection just like the one before it.  
Instead of going along with the same old thing every time you meet,
mix up the topics, the delivery, the format, the place, … and use unpredictability

17:22 Who and when?
Time together
Space and place considerations 

19:56 Considerations:

1)) Forward Thinking
Favoring innovation
- development
- ensure future movement
– profit-ability/sustain-ability
Issue to initiative - consider is the issue a problem
that requires a solution or an appreciation that requires expansion/extension

2)) The Obstacle is the Way
Whatever the challenge face it, move forward without doing harm
Adversity, to advantage

3)) Prepare for the Worst, Nurture for the Better
Arrive having thought about what could go wrong,
if the topics are known
- preparation approach
- prevention backpack
- practice continuance
__Respond, rather than react

28:38 Mentee: 

  1. Research your mentor’s background - specialities 
  2. Require an agenda?
  3. Ask questions4)) Report on Results and Research of Self (and Others)
  4. See Feed Forward and Feed Fromward as gifts 
  5. Demonstrate courage via commitment 
  6. Show gratitude 

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