February 27, 2020

Action Outcome Statements for Performance Review Competence Form

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... as to the development and use of a performance review document there are two complementary parts: 

1) Writing the Action_Outcome Statements ... 

2) Designing the Form in which to place the statements ... 

Part 1 - The Action_Outcome Statements ... 

Writing Action_Outcome Statements for the Performance Review Competence Form 

Where to start: 

Identify the required and requested knowledge, skills, and attitude (KSA) for the job ... in the past such details are recorded as a Job Description (JD)

However, the statements in a typical JD are vague and unmeasurable ... 

I proposed the creation of an Accountability Profile ... that has more rigor!


Once you know
a)) the required KSA (no wiggle room) - so a person is ready, able, and willing to know & do the work - that is, to fulfill their accountabilities
b)) the requested KSA (a little wiggle room) - a person can be given some time to be ready, able, and willing to know & do these aspects of the work without causing harm to self and others 

The KEY is ...

Write action_outcome statements rather than the vague JD statements filled with commas, and the word (*and))smiles

Each statement starts with a precise action verb followed by an outcome phrase - therefore, it can be measured with a Yes or No response - and with a No, the reasons for a No can be made known to the person 

The question that sparks the Yes or No response for every action_outcome statement is:
Are you competent to __action_outcome statement __?

Alternatively, you can use a 1 (low) to 5 (high) scale ... more interpretation required - there is more ambiguity when using this numerical scale


Action verbs like:
Knowledge (concepts) -> Define, Describe, Identify, List, Review, Discuss 
Skills (practices) -> Use, Manage, Evaluate, Document, Record
Attitudes (feelings) -> use the verb Demonstrate  

Example: Manage ethical decision-making

A person has to be knowledgeable (ready) to discuss the concepts of ethical decision making 

  • Define the term ethics/ethical ... decision ... decision-making 
  • Describe a generic ethical decision-making process 
  • List workplace situations where ethical decision making is important 
  • Discuss a general approach to ethical decision making 

A person has to be skilled (able) 

  • Use decision making
  • Use ethical decision making
  • Manage the ethical decision-making action plan
  • Record the results of the decision-making process

A person has to demonstrate attitudes aligned with manage ethical decision making

  • Demonstrate respect [as you manage ethical decision making] 
  • Demonstrate presence [as you manage ethical decision making]
  • Demonstrate trustworthiness [as you manage ethical decision making]


Yes - it's a more rigorous approach on the development (front) end 
However, with use ... there are no holes in the performance review conversation because the reviewer is clear where No exists and why


It may be helpful to use NOC to explore like profiles - as a starting point ... 
You may have to play with search words to find something



Your best approach is the one I suggested ... once learned, most helpful when managing and leading 

"It's from writing measurable action_outcome statements that you can manage an effective performance review process that is relevant and reliable for all involved - especially the recipient of the performance review"

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