March 17, 2022

Overwhelm and Underwhelm Effects on an Extraordinary Mentoring Arrangement

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What are "The Overwhelm and Underwhelm Effects on an Extraordinary Mentoring Arrangement?"

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***Quora question: What is the best way to find a mentor for my business?
***Doug's answer: There are a number of ways that you can search for and find a mentor. You need to determine first however what it is that you need. You also have to come to terms with the fact that your mentor(s) do not need your industry specific experience. It is a nice to have – not a need to have. 

I am mentoring a number of people in different industries/sectors and we are moving forward with no difficulty. Check with your local business community to see if there are any mentoring programs where they match mentors and mentees. You can also look on line for various organization that provide business mentoring. Some mentoring software providers may also offer that as a service. 

04:35 Define an Extraordinary Mentoring Arrangement (Connection)
Good to Extraordinary Continuum 

06:56 Define whelm verb cover over - turn - submerge - early 14C just satisfied - in the middle between over and under

08:07 Define overwhelm - examples - suggesting the effects verb give too much of something to someone bury beneath a lot of stuff fully submerge - water - wash over experience intense emotion - difficult to manage affects ability to think - act rationally distress - life experiences
challenge more than competence 

16:12 Define underwhelm - examples - suggesting the effects not giving enough 1950s - humor = fail to make positive impact disappointment fail to interest - stimulate indifference - restless
Fluffy Wuffy, Hairball, Baffle with BS
competence more than challenge 

23:00 Review 8 Ways to Counter Overwhelm and Underwhelm in a mentoring arrangement - mentor and mentee perspectives

23:11 --- 1_ Ask questions -- fast/slow -- deep (portrait)/surface landscape -- general/specific -- simple/complex

27:13 --- 2_ Ask for an example - experience-based versus hypothetical (thought experiment)

28:05 --- 3_ Take a Break, reflect on situation _ causal and casual implications

30:20 --- 4_ Recognize what is the NOISE, what is the NEWS

32:30 --- 5_ Remember when and where matters time location technology

34:00 --- 6_ Cultivating minding (conscious thinking) - from up set to set up preparation approach prevention backpack practice continuance

37:00 --- 7_ Clarify what is too much, what is too little - establish mentoring arrangement

37:42 --- 8_ Importance of routine or ritual to improve, focus and strengthen the mentoring arrangement
ritual = action arising from convention - celebration - variable
routine = a set of actions regularly followed -- fixed 

41:25 Consider:
Define the terms and concepts
Agree on the Terms and Concepts
Use the terms and concepts to make a map
Apply the terms and concepts to manage the plan
Review formatively, evaluate continuously 

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