January 14, 2017

Overview Facilitative Mentoring & Executives

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Two of the ten educating approaches executives can use to manage and lead delivery of extraordinary employee experiences is facilitative mentoring. 

Facilitative mentoring is the combination of facilitating and mentoring. 

Facilitating is about drawing ideas from the employees in response to their questions and to directly involve employees in the delivery of accountable products, services and experiences. 

Mentoring is encouraging employees’ (mentees') questions as a way for employees to draw insights from the executives' (mentors') lived experience useful in meeting the employees' accountabilities. 

As an executive ... using Facilitative Mentoring  ... it's about your readiness, ability and willingness (your competence) to facilitate insights from employees as you answer questions from employees for the delivery of their accountable products, services, and experiences when and where employees (and you) experience "extraordinary experiences".

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In closing ...
While you may know how to facilitate and/or mentor ... there is something more to learn about each of these educating approaches and more so, their combination. Two possibilities for moving forward ... 

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*** https://wellthmovement.com/book-hthy-manage-lead/ = 9 educating approaches 
https://wellthmovement.com/book-organization-work-manage-lead/ = quasi academic book – take apart for WBS curriculum 
https://wellthmovement.com/book-creating-well-living-workplace/ = 10 characteristics + insights 
https://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=Stephen+Hobbs%2C+EdD = a series of five managing-leading related books – will add more 

Overview Facilitative Mentoring & Executives will be included in an upcoming book on Facilitative Mentoring, Extraordinary Experiences, Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Workplace Culture – Winter 2018


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