Attention: Entrepreneurs, small & medium size business owners,
and/or entrepreneurial mentors, consultants, facilitators, etc.

Gift yourself 90 or 180 minutes to Explore Simple and Focused Ways to Improve Your Business Decisions as  You Cross Off Business Issues Stalling Your Movement Forward 

Movement is the precursor of Profitability. Conversion is the precursor of Completion.

You have to match Movement with Conversion to realize Profitability with Completion.

The way forward is grounded in employees & customers making and keeping commitments.

We make available the Discovery 90  & 180 series so you can realize one or more of these measurable action_outcomes: 

extend appreciations - satisfy cravings - answer questions - solve problems - gain efficiencies - challenge value - reduce costs - convert sales - make profit - and more!

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Discovery 90 and 180

Sometimes you need a quick connect with a facilitative mentor to explore a topic... a time to poke around an issue & determine the initiatives you'll take to move your business forward. This quick connect is to get you back on track NOW! 

On the left is a one-page knowledge and skills overview of Dr. Stephen Hobbs, Founder of WELLth Movement.

He serves as the facilitative mentor for those purchasing a 90 or 180 minute facilitative mentoring package.

Based on on our Fairness Approach:
When you purchase either 90 or 180 minutes ... if within the first 30 minutes you do not see value in the connection - we'll close the call and refund your payment immediately.

All investment in Canadian dollars. Payment processing via PayPal.
You email will not be added to an ongoing autoresponder program.

We'll use your mail to deliver and communicate about your purchase or booking.
We follow the You Decide Guarantee - therefore, during our "delivery communication" we will offer ways to stay in touch.

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