Older Elder

In conversation with You:

I Asked for "Your Story of Older Elder" 

You reply,"I'm 50 or 57 or 62 or ## years old."

You add, "Am I an elder yet?"

To which I responded, "What would happen if you said, I'm ## years young?"

With your head tilt I added, "It's likely you are an Elder if you willing share your lived experience with others. More so, when you answer questions asked of you." 

To the right - a view from my desk,
as I look through the window to the treed town site
with the rolling hills fronting the Eastern Slopes
of the Rocky Mountains, Canada. 

Office Window Landscape

Starting with this brief exchange
and as we chat here and around the campfire,
as we co-create | eco-create questions and answers,
and resources
we'll support each other in
acknowledging, advancing, and amplifying
the stories of "Older to Be Elder as Mentor."

As an Older-Elder, ask yourself:

Am I living My Life in full expression of my legacy contributions?

Am I serving as a mentor, sharing my lived experience?

Am I exploring & using the Value of Safety to guide my decisions & actions?

Am I walking with nature as my self-help educator?

Am I supporting community projects with my time, effort, and/or money?

With yes, you are tracking well as an older-elder-mentor. Bravo!
If no, move around the website and see what calls to you!

Elder Mentor Insight
4 Insights Elder Mentor

Please complete the Research Form - BELOW - so you can Help Us Help You! Thank YOU!


Older to Elder Research

Research is about the search for insights from those who can benefit from the answers found to the questions asked. 

Those who can benefit are:

  • You and your family
  • Friends
  • Work colleagues
  • Communities of Practice
  • Those who've not arrived yet
  • The Wild Kin who visit with you

The Questions

Ask you to complete and submit the form below. Your responses will help us create products, processes, projects, and programs that meet you where you are, guide you where you want to go in your words, on your terms!

What are your biggest frustrations in transitioning from Older to Elder?
What is your biggest fear about becoming an Elder?
If you searched Google or YouTube about transitioning from Older to Elder, what search terms would you use?
Which books have you read about transitioning from Older to Elder? (Titles)
Of the course you purchased on transitioning from Older to Elder... name it, your investment was, and what was missing?
Who are your favorite Elders? And why?
How much would you invest in a course to learn why & how to transition from older to elder?
If you could wave a magic wand and create a program that delivered everything you need to learn-know-do to become an elder, what are 3 core topics you would include?
Is there anything you’re struggling with as you transition from older to elder?

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