Older Elder Research


Are you an Older wanting to be an Elder?
Who Serves as a Mentor? 
Who Shares the Legacy You Intend to Live?

If YES, I'm in research mode to write book(s) & develop courses that guide Olders to be Elders who serve as Mentors and Share the Legacy They Intend to Live (and Leave).

I'm asking you for insights, ideas, [and more]
to improve, focus, & strengthen why and how
you can transition from Older to Elder in your words.  

Back Story - or Skip Ahead!

55+ years ago, I was given the assignment of serving as a summer day camp counselor. That position and all the others I took up as a teenager grounded me - like the roots of a tree - in the extraordinary experiences of outdoor education and playing with nature as my educator.

And now, in my 6th (almost 7th) decade of travelling around the sun, I'm wondering what I want to learn-know-do to gift my lived experience. To contribute via my environmental-ecological legacy project. These thoughts (and feelings) brought me full circle to initiate the Stay Found Program. 

I believe there are many Olders who want to be Elders. They want to be in service FOR the World, WITH the Planet, and FROM the Whole.

And so, I started WELLth Movement as a business to encourage and enthuse Olders to become Elders as they co-create their wellth movement using one or more of the following five key words: Nature, Legacy, Education, Experience, and Safety. From this starting point, the possibilities are TREEmendous! 

I'm not asking you to do what I'm doing. I'm asking you to share your needs and wants about becoming an Elder. And once known, I can offer products, services, and experiences that you might find helpful, useful, and eventful.

In turn, as you leverage your lived experience with others who are at different states of being, being fully human, being natural, and being planetary, we can -- together -- dampen the deafening and disheartening noise of discontent. Replace it with gratitude, presence, inspiration, enthusiasm, and certainty for personal well-being and shared well-living.

There are new insights, ideas, and interpretations evolving the path and ways of becoming an Elder.
Your thoughts will add, alter, and delete my thinking as I write my books and offer my courses.

Let's get together and create a "Community of Significare*"
from the environmental-ecological-ethical value of Hospitality
- about welcoming those who have not arrived yet.
*significare - significant care//caring

I assure you, by submitting your completed form,
you will support an immense ripple effect for generations to follow.

Dr. Stephen Hobbs, EdD, MSc, HBOR, BA, Dip Forestry

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Three ways to assist with my research and writing are:

  1. Here is my Booking Scheduler - book 29 minute conversation - I have ~9 ?s for you. 
  2. Use the website contact form to send an email requesting we set up a day and time.
  3. Fill in the form below and submit it --- (a) you have to complete it in one go; (b) including your email is optional

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PS... I'll share a Summary Of the Results with you, when you ask ))smiles 

Filling Out the Form:
Broad Definition of Terms

Older - is someone who by advancing age is called older. The age at which this name is assigned varies.
Elder - is a person who wholeheartedly continues to develop their personal well-being and are willing to gift their lived experience as a way for others to learn something from them and/or to support-serve, sustain-scale ways of living well together  

What are your biggest frustrations in transitioning from Older to Elder?
What is your biggest fear about becoming an Elder?
If you searched Google or YouTube about transitioning from Older to Elder, what search terms would you use?
Which books have you read about transitioning from Older to Elder? (Titles)
Of the course you purchased on transitioning from Older to Elder... name it, your investment was, and what was missing?
Who are your favorite Elders? And why?
How much would you invest in a course to learn why & how to transition from older to elder?
If you could wave a magic wand and create a program that delivered everything you need to learn-know-do to become an elder, what are 3 core topics you would include?
Is there anything you’re struggling with as you transition from older to elder?

Mentoring NOW

Mentor Within, Mentoring Without

Establish the baseline understating of Mentoring, Mentor, Mentorship for your everyday use as you share the legacy you intend to leave. 


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