Next Fifty Decisions and November Reflections

I made a decision early on …
I was going to enjoy my Next Fifty.

Whereas time is so important in our Next Fifty …
I’m mindful of where I am and what I’m doing to loverage time.

Where I live -today- from a time perspective – we fall back in the fall and spring forward in the spring.

We experience a noticeable time shift as the evenings get darker faster.

It means the snow is on the way … life is shifting again.

For those in their Next Fifty it may mean travel south for warmer climates.
For others it means battening down the hatches for the winter ahead.
For other adventurers it means strapping on the skis.

For whatever adventure you are up to – enjoy!

November 2015 Reflections

Here are 10 insights to live from with freedom, fulfillment and fun – wherever you are ))smiles
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Life legacy

Expanding on The First Three Insights

1. Greet each day with gratitude and a quiet thank youas you live your Next Fifty – do so with gratitude (appreciation, thankfulness, acknowledgement) for what you see, feel and experience.

The thanks you give can be expressed to the person just as it can be shared into the winds. You decide!

2. Determine what will you improve, focus & strengthen today … as you live your Next Fifty – each day take the challenge to improve something in your life. Simple gestures are always and in all ways appreciated.

Focus on something that brings you joy. Sometimes cleaning maybe your focus. If so, do it with joy.

Strengthen you becoming especially your brain and mind. Keep them alert to being YOU for the world.

Bridge in Forest3. Appreciate your long term big adventurous story you share … as you live your Next Fifty – from the future you have a wondrous and wandrous journey you’ve agreed to walk, run, swim, pedal, drive, fly that would be aWELLsome for others to see, feel and experience with you.

As you appreciate what you up to, share the story. You will certainly cross paths with others doing something similar.

Wine and cheese in a distant land with fellow adventurous is a great way to feel that belly laugh and an occasional snort ))smiles

Is It Possible For ME?

If one of these three reflections seems out of reach, yet you have the inkling, the want, the mojo to do it … yet you feel blocked somehow, grab a Focused Mentoring hour with Dr Steve to explore and discover ways to weave the chosen reflection into your life.

Next three are updated on November 23, 2015.

Appreciate your comments and stories as well.

Make it a wellthy day …


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