The Next Fifty Marketplace is open for your contributions.

Contributions Next Fifty Marketplace LegacyWhether you are a mentor, facilitator, elder, business owner, entrepreneur, manager-leader, employee, grandparent, parent decide today to fully express your Life Leadership Legacy.

In doing so you see, feel and experience freedom, fulfillment and fun.

In the Next Fifty Marketplace you can …

  1. Move from living as an older to sharing as an elder.
  2. Create well-living workplaces through mentoring and facilitating.
  3. Co-create the well-living world through your eco-creation efforts with earth, air and/or water projects.
  4. Serve as a grandparent in support of your children’s parenting efforts.
  5. Start a home-based or store-front small business to offer your talents and gifts.
  6. Volunteer with a charitable organization to express all aspects of living your great life.
  7. Eco-travel as a volunteer.

The Next Fifty Marketplace possibilities seem endless … final thought:

Next Fifty Marketplace legacy
Visit to learn more about fully expressing your legacy so others can benefit from your knowledge and skills …

Make it a wellthy day,

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Moving Forward Together

Here is an invitation to download and read the free 21-page book:

9+1 Insights for Living From Your Life and Leadership Legacy
… a great primer to explore your contributions for the Next Fifty Marketplace.


Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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