Next Fifty, Legacy, Events in November and December 2015

Written by Stephen Hobbs

Other Visionaries Involved with WELLth Movement Also Guide YOU Through Your Next Fifty

Their Guidance Supports You in Living FROM Your Life Legacy … Here Are Their November and December 2015 Events!

As the WELLth Movement grows, more and more WELLth Educators will bring their products, services and experiences to you.

They are practitioners knowledgeable in their craft, willing to share and work from the mantra of truth, trust and transparency.

Life Legacy and Your Next Fifty

next fifty life legacy

Richard Schultz from Wisdom Ways is offering the following courses

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(*) November 28 … “Forgiveness

Topics like:

  • Learn how to forgive the unforgivable!
  • Come to peace with your past.
  • Forgive anyone for anything, including yourself!
  • Wish to find your innocence again? Forgiveness takes you there.
  • True forgiveness opens the way to truth.

(*) December 12-13 … “Refreshing Beliefs

Topics like:

  • The powerful subconscious mind is the real driver of your behavior. Have you considered giving your driver a new map?
  • When everything in life seems lost, we still have the power to change our mind.
  • When is the last time you upgraded your life operating system? Upgrade your mind.
  • It is never too late to be happy. You only need to change your mind.
  • Change limiting beliefs in a matter of minutes!

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