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February 15, 2022 WELLth NEWSS 
Bi-Monthly Newsletter from Wellth Movement 


  1. Quick Update from the Whole - announcements when applicable - did you see the activity to the right? 
  2. Research request - help me in writing a book and deliver a course. 
  3. Article: Educate from the Wellth of IT! 
  4. Collection of 17 images with word insights! 
  5. 2 Loverage Legacy videos from Saturday YT show at 10 am MST - join me live! Click and watch here. 
  6. 1 Podcast about Legacy - link provided. 
  7. Mentor related video from IMC - open mike session - How to Support a Mentor!  

Update from the Whole 

Here is the fifth issue of WELLth NEWSS for 2022 
where WELLth is about well-being for self and well-living with others to the nth degree!
where NEWSS refers to the four cardinal points of the compass used to navigate the planet from which the world NEWS originates. . .and the news we are reporting makes it safer (2nd S) for you to:

  • live your extraordinary life of well-being, 
  • co-create the well-living workplace,
  • eco-create the wellthy planet, and
  • evolve the legacy you intend to leave.
Book Course Research

One of the TREEmendous abilities to be human is the "ASK!"

And, I have one for the 55+ years young professionals entering (or in) transition to their Next Fifty.

My Ask - is to interview you about your current insights, ideas, and insights about the transition.
You will help me design and develop a course and book.
Request --- 30-33 minutes for 9 or 10 questions! Use Zoom.

DM me at https://wellthmovement.com/contact
Or use https://calendly.com/wellthmovement/29-minute-map-conversation

Your help would be appreciated. And we may open up a way to work together - that would be exWELLent!

Educate from the Wellth of IT

This article (now version 2) was published in the 2007 WELLth eZine.

Be attentive to your actions and words. 

They are educating others about your essence, effort and effect. 

Because .. 

You and I, we educate!

In every action we take, in every word we share, we educate others about where we’ve come from, where we are going, what we know, what we believe and more. Whether we lead, manage, mentor, counsel, clean, drive, volunteer, play, eat – whatever actions we associate with our living and working, at their core is our role as educator. 

We cannot escape the fact that we are educators.
The level to which we take up this role defines who we are. 

And people are watching and listening!

Staffs decide if they will follow our lead.
Clients decide if our table manners warrant assigning the contract.
Managers decide if our work deserves a job promotion or reward.
Your friend decides to stay with you depending on how you treat those who love you.

When you listen you learn. . .Where you share you #educate.
And so, become a natural educator...
To deliver extraordinary #experiences...
In the words of your audience, on your terms. 


Through 40 years of work, including several extended international assignments, I have realized how people watch me.

While people were paying attention to me as a person they were also seeing me as a representative of my organization. How I carried myself, how I laughed, how I worked and played encouraged them to stay with me or leave. 

During these same experiences and more, I realized the importance of the words which were accompanying my actions. What I said or did not say had a profound impact on others in the moment and afterwards.

Saying too much in some situations, I discovered I was rude and possibly boorish. Not saying enough in other situations meant I had to work harder to realize my goals because I was not taken seriously.

I learned I had to balance my actions and words as I educated people about me and my work.   

5 Insights and Ideas

It’s from understanding my contribution as educator that I offer the following five ideas in celebration of the principle: Educate from the Wellth of IT. That is, be attentive to your actions and words; you are educating others about your essence, effort and effect 

First, reflect on your actions. Listen to your words.

Both hint at your hierarchy of values in living your legacy life, co-creating the well-living workplace and eco-creating the wellthy-wealthy world.  

They describe and explain your wellth – the dynamic balance of your truth, worth and usefulness. 

Wellth is the sum-total of your actions and words in educating others.
Therefore, how you educate is a measure of how “wellthy” you are. 

Being wellthy highlights your well-being for self and well-living with others.

Your well-being to the nth degree expresses your self-development.
Your well-living to the nth degree expresses your growth with others. 

You cannot shy away from your wellth just as you cannot shy away from the fact that you are an educator. Even a hermit educates without being present. 

Second, voice your opinion, offer an idea, share a recommendation, dig in to help, bring a glass of water to a harried co-worker because they all highlight your personhood.

And from these various interactions at home, at work or at play, you establish your authority and credibility as a person and as an educator. 

With this role comes exposure to other opportunities. 

New relationships begin and older relationships are extended. 

The more you educate appropriate to the time, the more you live with magnificance (magnificent significance).  

Third, celebrate in every relationship ‘shift happens’.

This shift depends on the casual nature and causal nurture of your educator approach. 

What you do and say fashions and fosters a connection. 

Consider authors; while not present in person, their written words educate. 

Through the preparation and selling of their books and the readers’ comprehension and application of their ideas, authors educate from a distance.   

When you’re present, you educate people through a shift of some kind. 

A person walking away from you after a brief introduction at a business function may illustrate a non-connection. 

Then again, the person may be thirsty and met you along the path to a drink in that moment.

Sitting at the lunch table sharing new ideas about how to improve social media processes may draw others to you. 

They may want to hear what you have to say. 

In every situation, with every relationship, be intentional with your actions and words.

Imagine how your words and actions move people forward while working from the same goal.  

People measure and understand you through the actions you take and the words you share. 

When you educate to inspire, enthuse, encourage and motivate, people will accompany you on the journey. 

Whether for a short or long time, when you freely share your wellth, people will engage in shift for the betterment of everyone. 

Fourth, realize actions last forever.

Once done, they remain in evidence. 

Words also last forever. 

Once shared, they radiate in all directions. 

Actions and words pulsate. They are remembered today as they can be remembered tomorrow. 

In living and working, people tend to listen to what they see. 

Therefore it's important to help them listen so they might help you help them. 

The workplace would be kinder and gentler if such a mantle were taken up by everyone. 

Fifth, guide others towards who they decide to be.

This mutual involvement is a wondrous embodiment of encouragement, inspiration, and enthusiasm that occurs within the ever presence of change. 

Therefore, to educate means to encourage personal transition in dealing with change.

Transition is the IT every person must embrace.  

This IT is about I Transition, Integrative Transition or Intentional Transition. 

Through educating you encourage transition through transaction, transformation and/or transcendence. 

Transaction is to improve ways to move through present action.
Transformation is to improve ways to shift the form because of the action.
Transcendence is to improve ways to acquire what you mysteriously imagine through action.  

Expressing yourself through your actions and words has the force to evoke transition. 

When you share both, do so realizing you are educating from the wellth of IT. 

Consequently be conscientious with your role as educator for others will experience your essence, effort and effect.    

Be conscientious with your role as educator for others will experience your essence, effort, and effect. 


Being Together

Be not
a fool
and assume
others know
who you
are becoming

Be instead
a weaver
and educate
them about
your wellth

Share with
them words
and actions
so they
grasp the
divinity of
being together

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