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Legacy Project 5 Considerations

Update from the Whole 

Here is the fourth issue of WELLth NEWSS for 2022 
where WELLth is about well-being for self and well-living with others to the nth degree!
where NEWSS refers to the four cardinal points of the compass used to navigate the planet from which the world NEWS originates. . .and the news we are reporting makes it safer (2nd S) for you to:

  • live your extraordinary life of well-being, 
  • co-create the well-living workplace,
  • eco-create the wellthy planet, and
  • evolve the legacy you intend to leave.

A Well-Living World Perspective at a Human Scale

This article is one of two presentations made in the book: Co-Creating the Well-Living World... available in the Resources Store
Update: A revised edition of the book - in a Decision-Action-Outcome (DAO) workbook format - is available in March 2022

Included here as a historical reference to thinking before NOW!

The focus of this article is the connections among terms like:

  • Human Ecology Learning & Development
  • Human Scale Systems in Organization
  • Humanity in Relationships
  • Humanness at the Heart of Strategic Mapping  

This article is meant to provoke, to enthuse and to irritate your sensibilities to a point that you learn and take action. It is hoped that your new learning stimulates new actions all in co-creation of the well-living world. 

The content - as presented here - maintains the integrity of the presentation in the Co-Creating the Well-Living World book mentioned above. Format and grammar corrections are made for current presentation.


Just as there are crises in different areas of the world, there are brightening lights of active hope and faith. While the mass media often portrays a world filled with doom and gloom, there are Internet websites, magazines and books that offer a complementary perspective. 

That written, there is a world disease that is not easily defined, described or explained. It is a malaise of the individual and collective soul. If it were given a name it would be a lack of civility. Even then, this word is not enough. 

This malaise results from a complex set of interwoven world symptoms, causes and paradigms that exist at nation, region, city, suburbs, street and house levels. These symptoms, causes and paradigms influence conversations among families, friends, foreigners, foes, fanatics and funders (read like categories of stakeholders invested in what people do). 


Into these situations of perceived complexity and chaos, people speak and listen through foreground conversations. They take what is said and read at face value. Much of this foreground conversation is reactive and defensive in nature.

On the other hand, there are people who speak and listen from background conversations that are adaptive with genuine flashes of proactive and generative thoughts and feelings. To live from background conversations requires much practice and critical reflection.

Using background conversations as a frame of reference for decision making encourages a deeper review of what is said and read. This deeper review takes time and is soulful in intention. That is why more people prefer the foreground conversation because it allows them an excuse to avoid knowing themselves. 

Shift Happens

Every day shift happens. Every day decisions are made that have great effect on hundreds, thousands, if not millions of people. A coup can send a country spiraling out of control. An internal attack on sovereign soil can weaken community bonds. A celebration surrounding a royal wedding can unite people and show how one nation can care about another nation. 

At this stage in the world’s evolution, tribal, modern and post-modern paradigms are evident. That means there are a plethora of useful resources of all forms and functions and in many languages that provide descriptions, explanations, and prescriptions of what happened, what is happening and what can happen for the world to be better. Unfortunately, some of these resources can lead people into cul-de-sacs, dead ends and dark alleys if scrutiny is bypassed for short-term gain. 

Through the Box

If it is a box the world finds itself in today, then thinking “out of the box” is simply not enough. What is needed is to think “through the box” to the extent that the box no longer exists. Therefore, some radical new thinking is needed to move the collective into new forms of organizing.

The convergence of socio-cultural, technological, economical, environmental and political [STEEP] variables is in view every day. As these variables converge, much must be done to achieve a singular mission whose mathematical expression is 2 + 2 = 22.

Moreover, there must be agreement that where money is at the heart of intervention:

  • there are monetary imbalances to be dynamically balanced.
  • there is a concentration of resources within industry held by a few.
  • there is a mechanistic underpinning re: economic thought processes.
  • there are limits to growth without transferability of knowledge.
  • there is a web of interrelated, complex issues facing the world and economics. 

Thoughts and Feelings

Because guilt and fear abound, depression invades waking thought. Where guilt exists, it is because you believe that you caused more pain than pleasure in the past according to your actions. Where fear exists, it is because you believe that you will encounter more pain than pleasure in the future according to your senses. Where depression exists, it is because you expect an ideal that is not realizable.

Whether guilt, fear and/or depression invade your soul, know that they can be lessened and even eradicated with mindful and heartfelt intent through loving whatever is before you. Look around for others who have risen above the malaise and can offer insights that inform you. However, be diligent to the messages and processes because some malcontents - posing as healers - can do more damage to your soul if you follow their uncontested word and deed. 

From Within

In moving fromward for self and with others, you will encounter blocking excuses that counter your co-creating the well-living world. They are:  

  • Ignorance – that is, people have lessened their learning. 
  • Complacency – that is, people have given up; they have lessened their action. They are expressing defeat, loss of will, cynicism and demobilization.
  • Self-doubt – that is, people have unanswered questions about themselves because the questions they are asking are not their great questions; specifically, they have lessened their action learning. 

Thoughts of Another

Einstein said many things helpful to this presentation. Here are three:

  1. The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
  2. The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
  3. The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

For everyone to move fromward, it is essential to admit that Einstein’s observations are true. Therefore, it is imperative that trans-disciplinary approaches (across disciplines) are enacted. Every discipline is needed to live within the well-living world initiative. Psychology cannot be at odds with sociology; philosophy cannot be at odds with ecology; physiology cannot be at odds with cosmetology, to name a few of the ‘ological disciplines. 

Therefore, what is needed is a greater self-reliance intervention; that is, a human scale intervention that:

  • meets human values knowing emotions are involved. 
  • organizes organic solutions (meeting needs where humans collect).
  • encourages civility of society balanced within the situation at whatever systems level is at hands, head and heart.
  • celebrates diversity of all types and modifies socio-cultural expression according to the rhythm of history and mystery. 
  • recognizes that people work (live) according to the tenets of acquired knowledge and supports education as the foundation of moving fromward. 
  • implements a journey rather than destination intervention and encourages the awareness, attention and intention of this praxis.

Dynamic Balance

The Dynamic Balance approach will prove helpful in co-creating the well-living world.  This approach emphasizes people and performance rather than productivity and processes. However, a balance is needed for both to thrive. That is, processes influence people just as people influence processes. Certain processes can be used if people are ready, able and willing to participate. If they are not ready,, much can be done to prepare them for the process.  

People's fundamental values for living their great lives, creating well-living workplaces and co-creating the well-living world are few and knowable. This hierarchy of values facilitates a greater commitment to what the person loves to be doing. However, a balance is necessary. There are times in living when doing what you do not love contributes to what you love. If shopping is not your forte, then you must find ways to shop to ensure your basic human ecology (food, water, shelter).

Fundamental values are worldly and differences between people are few. If people were to connect through their hierarchy of values (from the inside out), then a platform of commonality would link them together. When values are met within, between people and among relationships, people are better positioned to listen and learn. The balance point is that - over time - the ways and means of meeting values shift. 

How values are collectively satisfied highlight the culture of a group/ organization/ country. A shift in culture is about giving up old perspectives/responses to adapt/adopt new perspectives/responses. Therefore, the expression of culture and the values spoken within that culture, must be shared openly. 

To avoid a pathology of discontent, whether for the individual or the collective, it is important that people are trans-disciplinary in their approaches toward one another. People need to co-create a culture of paradoxical wisdom of the one and the many. 

Human Relational Systems

In human relational systems [people interacting with one another], those involved seek outcomes of coherence, completeness, consistency and decisiveness.  The following requirements are necessary to move fromward:

  1. Human scale ecological development must care about the resources available, fit with the politics and culture(s) of the nation and consider the interactions of cultures in nations and among nations near and far.
  1. As STEEP issues arise, trans-description, trans-boundary, and trialogue (dialogue, discourse of triangulation) must assist with synergistic decision-making and committed response-ability.
  1. Industry and government authorities must serve by prioritizing, embracing and integrating creative and innovative answers to human scale questions.
  1. The development, evaluation and experimentation of research methodologies and their supportive methods, approaches and practices must be helpful for academic and applied use.
  1. While humans are change agents for themselves and elements of nature, there must be an understanding that earth is also a change agent for humans and other elements, as the universe is a change agent of the earth.
  1. The task at hand must be to understand that change is forever present and there is a need to co-create transition that fosters and fashions sustainable development.
  1. Using integrated (internal) thinking/assessment and ecological innovation and creativity must be seen as stronger threads in the well-living world tapestry. 
  1. Competencies (knowledge, attitude, and skills) must be written in terms that are accessible and doable by many.
  1. Trialogue must focus the integrative approach through profitability, validating, educating and reviewing persons’ fulfillment of their competent commitment to being, having and doing their best for the world.
  1. A "portfolio of competence™" must be the transferable strategic map and action plan every person can present when they meet the work. 
  1. Decisions will take place as learning accumulates at the interface between the science of humans and the art of nature {in nature there are no straight lines, yet humans have an affinity for straight lines}.
  1. Persons actively transitioning because of change will do so with the intention to benefit from the change, all the time discerning human relational system dynamics and its network relations.

Links that establish natural connections among people, performance, productivity and fair exchange (profit) are evident in the 12 points mentioned above and in the diagram that follows.

A Final Thought

Know that WORDS MATTER because words are the freezing of reality. Words describe, explain and prescribe the frameworks, theories and models used to organize a dynamic world. 

Words can be imprecise and can cause confusion in conversations. Words, in combination, can imprison or set one free depending on how they are used. 

One word can bring you up just as one word can bring you down. Consider the appropriateness of ‘yes’ and ’no’ in a situation. 


Human systems are networks of relationships. And those relationships are influenced by emotions. Words frame emotions. Words help establish and destroy relationships. 

Choose words which are
relevant to the situation,
effective in telling the story, and
efficient in meeting the objective of the story-sharing.

If your language is hindering,
your well-living is hindering; 

If your language is helping,
your well-living is helping 


when language uses too many words,
it hides you from truly co-creating the well-living world


if you find truth in this idea,
you need to find the words to cross

the voids of ignorance
the chasm of complacency
the wallow of self doubt

by pruning words you force yourself
to a higher degree of clarity; that clarity
is for co-creating the well-living world

Four Considerations of Your Involvement
n the Well-Living World

Be impeccable with your word, speak
with laughter and integrity into the world

Learn sensibly from others as you share
your thoughts and feelings into the world

Ask questions about what you
be have do to lead into the world

Do your best at living spirit-centred as
you express your loverage into the world

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