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Nature Awareness Writing Course 

The Nature Awareness Writing Course supporting your Mentoring as Legacy approach...

Starts June 21, 2024 for 13 weeks

Awareness and Forests

Pic: Awareness and Forests in Tree Language created by: Katie Holton. Image created with New York City Tree Alphabet.

Why Nature Awareness Writing?

Human-Centered Success Story: 

__Learn from a firsthand, human-centered story of moving a 30+ year outdoor consultancy practice online.
__Discover the secrets, challenges, and triumphs of WELLth Movement advancing its tree and forest awareness through writing, sketching, and doodling online in the digital era.
__Review why and how to access your legacy story and intended contributions through nature awareness writing.

Personalized Mentoring Support: 

__Receive individualized guidance and insights through our Course and Group Mentoring Package.
__Navigate the intricacies of developing, nurturing, and reflecting on your unique nature awareness writing approach and projects with the guidance of our experienced mentors who are dedicated to helping you achieve unparalleled success.
__Realize the importance of community while experiencing nature awareness writing and later when you share your stories--creations.

Proven Nature Awareness Writing Framework: 

__Use a framework that goes beyond traditional writing (project) management.
__Design, develop, and deliver your nature writing approach and projects with clarity, confidence, and unwavering commitment.
__Access a framework with map, models and images, and concepts and practices that are actionable immediately.

To Be Clear, To Ensure There is a Fit with this Course:

Book Your 15-Minute Call Today and Further Your Writing Journey with nature, especially trees and forests as companions and educators!

Don't let inexperience in nature awareness and the writing thereof to hold you back.

With Nature Awareness Writing, you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to bring your writing forward to share and manage the writing projects as lasting legacy contributions with confidence and commitment. 

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To access the course, we need to chat with you first. It's our commitment to you that we do not waste your time, effort, and money. The 15-minute call is to ensure there is a mutual fit and to outline next steps!

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Unlock Your Journey with a Personalized Consultation!

Before you dive into the program, let's have a conversation to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your goals and expectations.

This initial discussion serves as a valuable opportunity for mutual understanding, allowing us to explore together if there's a great fit and if we're both on the same page regarding the outcomes we aim to achieve during our time together.

Let's connect and set the stage for your transformative experience!

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Are you heartfelt about bringing your writing practice and writer projects to life
but lack the expertise in the organization of nature awareness writing and associated projects
or the whole process seems daunting!

Then Nature Awareness Writing, an online course with group mentoring support, is for you!

We outline, guide you, encourage you in crafting and advancing your nature awareness writing approach AND support you in designing, developing, and delivering your writer projects with confidence, clarity, and commitment in your words, on your terms.

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To access the course, we need to chat with you first. It's our commitment to you--we do not waste your time, effort, and money. The 15-minute call is to ensure there is a mutual fit and to outline next steps!

What You'll Gain:

Heightened Nature Awareness:

By attending and completing the Nature Awareness Writing course, participants will experience a significant enhancement in their nature awareness. The course's immersive approach, focusing on trees and forests, enables individuals to develop a deeper connection with the natural world, fostering a heightened sensitivity to the environment.

Refined Awareness Writing Skills:

The course emphasizes the improvement, focus, and strengthening of awareness writing techniques. Participants will develop and refine their skills in articulating observations, emotions, and reflections related to nature. Through guided exercises and mentoring, individuals will enhance their ability to express nature experiences with clarity and creativity.

Deepened Connection to Personal Values:

The course encourages participants to align their nature awareness writing with their hierarchy of values. As a result, attendees will experience a deepened connection to their personal values, integrating them into their creative expressions. This outcome fosters a sense of authenticity and purpose in their writing, contributing to a more meaningful and fulfilling creative journey.

Advanced Awareness Writing Skills:

With the course, persons sharpen and refine their awareness writing skills. By combining nature immersion with writing exercises, individuals will learn to articulate their observations, emotions, and reflections effectively. The outcome is an elevated ability to express their experiences in a compelling and authentic manner.

Fostering a Supportive Writing Community:

One of the key outcomes is the establishment of a supportive writing community. Participants, guided by experienced mentors, will collaborate, share insights, and provide constructive feedback to each other. This collaborative environment nurtures a sense of belonging, motivation, and inspiration, fostering a community of like-minded individuals passionate about nature writing.

Start Now, Because?

Enhance Writing Proficiency:

Advancing a nature awareness writing approach serves as a catalyst to refine and elevate your writing skills. Engaging with the natural world provides rich and diverse stimuli, fostering creativity and improving the overall quality of your written expression.

Sustain Tree and Forest Connections:

Nature serves as both a companion and educator, and by advancing a nature awareness writing approach, you actively contribute to sustaining meaningful connections with trees and forests. Your writing becomes a testament to the profound relationship between humanity and nature, fostering a sense of responsibility and care for these vital ecosystems.

Nurture Reflective Self-Concept:

Writing within the context of nature awareness provides a unique opportunity for self-reflection. As you articulate your experiences and observations, you nurture a reflective self-concept. This introspection not only enhances your personal growth but also deepens your understanding of your place within the natural world.

Create a Community of Support:

Advancing a nature awareness writing approach allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for nature, writing, and self-discovery. Building a community of support provides encouragement, inspiration, and a collaborative space to share insights, fostering a collective commitment to environmental consciousness and creative expression.

Creation of Meaningful Stories and Creations:

Attending the course empowers participants to transform their heightened awareness and refined writing skills into meaningful stories and creative expressions. Whether through prose, poetry, or other artistic forms, individuals will learn to craft narratives that capture the essence of their nature experiences and share them as writer projects.

With an Emphasis on:

Deepen Your Sense of Purpose: 

Discover the profound ways your nature awareness writing approach and project scan contribute to the greater good. Nature Awareness Writing goes beyond writer-writing development and project management, helping you deepen your sense of purpose and find meaningful ways to share your stories/creations and give back at the same time through conservation conversations.

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