Become a Natural Educator
Using Natural Educating Tools & Techniques

Today is the second step on your journey of becoming a Natural Educator. Yesterday, was the first step, when you decided to find this page! 

And now - in this moment - take your third step
and Take Action, Get Involved, Join the Movement. 

When YOU become a Natural Educator
you have the foundational framework from to manage and lead ​
the delivery of extraordinary employee & customers experiences. 
Now, you co-create the well-living workplace (a healthy workplace) 
to involve your employees and customers in their words, on your terms.

In doing so ...YOU leverage this truism:
"When You Listen You Learn, When You Share You Educate"

Projects - Packages - Programs Available

Sep 18 & 25, Oct 2, 9, and 16 - 2018

Mentoring in the Workplace - 
Setting It Up - Managing It Successfully - Evaluating Its ROI
Synergistic Alliance with TalentC People Services Ltd 

with Doug Lawrence

Online Course - 9 am Mountain start

Sep 18 = 1 hour + optional 30-min Q&A
Sep 25 = 1 hour + optional 30-min Q&A
Oct 2 = 1 hour + optional 30-min Q&A
Oct 9 = 1 hour + optional 30-min Q&A
Oct 16 = 1 hour + optional 30-min Q&A

More Details Forthcoming 

November 2-4  2018

Imagine Having Someone To Guide You Through the Steps
Necessary To Accelerate Your Natural Educating Approach

Join Dr. Stephen Hobbs and Wellthers 
for a 3-day Retreat in Calgary

Location - Available Upon Registration
( not delivered in a hotel ) 

 Particpant #'s: Min: 9 // Max: 21

Based on the Help Them Help You Approach,
Human Performance Improvement Mannequin Model and
the Whole-System/Whole-Person Formula 

More details here...

1 to 1 Facilitative Mentoring and
Instructive Coaching Packages

About fine tuning what you know and practice now about educating ... 

... going beyond consulting and training
... always and in all ways, in your words, on your terms 

Starts Late January 2019

Workforce Learning,
Workplace Educator Series

mentoring 18-04

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Well-Living World Natural Educators

It all continues with you when you become a natural educator to eco-create the well-living world. 
Whereupon, you create a smart-Business and live an extraordinary_Life. 
And with every product, project, package, and program you purchase, you help plant trees with children. 

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