September 3, 2019

Do You Want Certification With That (Mentoring) re Natural Educator 3619

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Natural Educator 3619 asks the question: Did You Want Certification With That? 

Did you want fries with that burger? 
Did you want a lottery ticket with your fill-up? 
Did you want a second pair shoes at half price? 

For this blog "that" refers to mentoring. That is, when to say yes to obtaining a certificate of competence - mentor and/or a certificate of achievement - mentoring. 

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Serving as a Mentor in your role as executive, manager or leader - parent or grandparent - family or friend - recreation leader - community facilitator can be an enjoyable experience. 

You're clear about your lived experience - what you know and can do - and you have a keen desire to share those insights with others curious with questions. 

On flip side, you might be one who will shy away from mentoring. There is an uncomfortableness associated with interacting in this way. 

You don't know how to set up the mentoring arrangement nor foster the mentoring relationship. And you know, using a guess-by-golly approach leads to disappointment for all involved.

Whatever your starting point - to advance what you enjoy or turn around your experience of mentoring you can, with a little research, review the important action_outcome requirements of serving as a mentor. Then you weave those insights into your current practice or use those insights to develop your confident, mentoring approach.  

Focused Mentoring Creation of Something

Whatever your situation - with your decsion to move forward as a mentor - there is much to learn. 

One of the ways to explore and discover mentoring is to experience it as a mentee so you have a benchmark to leverage when you mentor. 

Another way is to work yourself through a certificate program about mentoring (knowledge-concepts) and/or serving as a mentor (skills-practices). This pathway has you control the level and timing of your challenge, and through a caring approach shift your consciousness about mentoring and mentor. 

WELLth Movement through the International Mentoring Community has two baseline certificate programs. 

Certificate of Achievement - Mentoring about the knowledge and concepts necessary for mentoring

Certificate of Competence - Mentor about the skills and practices of serving as a mentor. 

Whereas the Certificate of Achievement is nested in the Certificate of Competence - you can start the journey at a knowledge level then shift to a skill level depending on your needs whether to know about it or to practice it

Both certificates use a self-assessment as a benchmark for improvement. And, both certificates have opportunities to schedule a 15-minute conversation with a Member of the Education Group to guide you on the path suited for you. 

Suggested Pathway:

Certificate of Achievement - more info
- schedule a call, complete the self-assessment, start the course

Certificate of Competence - more info
- complete the self-assessment, schedule a call, start your journey

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Onward ... 

In Closing Natural Educator 3619 ...
You are invited to become involved ... and so - - - - your comments are appreciated below.

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