Your Word with the Planet in Its Full Expression and Action is about Movement
Your Word for the World in Its Full Expression and Action is about Profitability 

And, Movement & Profitability are Two Ends of the Same Stick

Movement - "physical movement" through "socio-cultural movements" 

Profitability - "money through ideas" to "various forms of capital"

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake as You Ensure
Movement and Profitability Practices are Evident
in Your Wellthy-Wealthy Decisions
~ Dr. Stephen Hobbs

My Word for the World
is Wellth!
My Word with the Planet is Magnificance!

These words guide the WELLth Movement and my wellthy-wealthy decisions. 

For World With Planet Legacy Project

Do You know your Word for the World? - see the videos below
Do you know your Word with the Planet?

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More about Word for the Word

When you know Your "Word for the World" you are in the Driver Seat of your "Life Vehicle."

You have clarity of why and how to Evolve Your Legacy like a clean windshield!

Where Elder - Mentor - Celebrant - Weaver are the four doors.

Where the four Wellth Perspectives are your tires. Those perspectives are: 

  1. work as an employee or entrepreneur
  2. voluntarism and philanthropy
  3. leisure and recreation
  4. health and wellness

Workplace Perspective of Movement & Profitability

A Summary below:

5 Insights re Movement

_ about Fitness - in the physical sense, linked to ergonomics in the workplace or wellness/recreation … to move from A to B - get out from behind your desk and move 

_ about Fitness - in terms of what does it lead to (What is the fit of this program in our service offerings?) … in other words, what do your actions lead to?

 _ for internal use - as in program movement - to maneuver the program into alignment for completion … have a Community of Practice - A Movement of Safety (not a Culture of Safety)

about Management and Leadership - through story-telling and story-sharing … suggesting the motion required by holding attention of the stakeholders 

_ for external use - as in, How does the Organization contribute to society because of the influence of the Well-Living Workplace platform and paradigm? - about dealing with societal movements like homelessness, diversity & inclusion, etc. 

5 Insights re Profitability

_ about Financial Capital = $ - the internal/external interface re $ exchange while making a profit to advance your wellth

_ about Experience-based Capital - in the ideas, intellectual assets (patterns, trademarks, etc.)

_ about Relational Capital inside the organization - what happens in the white space of the organization chart - a balance of human-social capital 

_ about the external connections re the interplay between Social and Natural Capital

_ about Workplace Culture - the cultivated capital (human construction) like systems and eco-systems - considers the internal-external blending

Accept to live on moving ground...
"A truer truism to be truthfully told by all travellers"

When you educate, you are being for the world.

business pivot overview

We're committed to support your wise allocation of time, effort, & money as you serve as an inspired practitioner - natural educator. 

We guide you through the "5 Give to Get to Give" stages of your involvement and evolvement with the concepts and practices of becoming a natural educator who delivers extraordinary experiences with your community.

Give to Get Perspective
Give to Get Clear
Give to Get Support
Give to Get Results
Give to Get Movement/Profit

Introducing the Founder of the WELLth Movement

Dr. Stephen Hobbs
Educator Within, Educating Without

Born an educator, and always & in all ways an educator, Dr. Stephen contributes/has contributed his insights as a university instructor/assistant professor, faculty member at a leadership centre, online and in-person workshop instructive-coach, and retreat and mastermind facilitative-mentor.
His shares his interests in evidence-based learning, competence verification, experience-based educating, AI cognitive articulation, managing & leading, and VR/AR.

Jack Riley

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork ...

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Books available from Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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Client Testimonial for Dr. Stephen Hobbs:

Strategy & Culture - Merger & Acquisition
Over the past eight years Cervus Equipment Corporation has been acquiring business-to-business equipment dealerships growing from fifteen to seventy-two locations across three countries. Each of the business acquired have ranged from one location to as many as twelve locations with up to three hundred and fifty employees.

As can be imagined the integration, aligning of Cultures, Operations and Strategy of these very diverse organizations has been an immense challenge. In the early days our ability to align the organizations was greatly hampered by our lack of experience and confidence in our own organization. We could see as an organization that the longer we struggled with misalignment of Culture’s and Strategies the more we were losing value and over stressing the system.

Upon some serious internal review and soul searching we decided to embark on a journey to build an Acquisition and Integration Model and support practices that would be second to none. Our goal was to create a set of repeatable processes that would support rapid execution of Integration, Cultural Identification and Clarity and development of the New Business Unit Strategy aligned with the Cervus of Tomorrow Vision. If we could accomplish this we would greatly improve the Time to Value on new acquisitions and greatly improve our ability to support rapid growth. Both becoming exceptional competitive advantages and defining core competencies of our team.

We started down this development path in 2011 by documenting all of our current process, reviewing past success and failures and reaching out to find specialized resources and experts. This is when we were introduced to Dr. Stephen Hobbs and the EX2 - TRIPIS Technique and Tools.

Stephen’s program and thinking was the catalyst to the exceptional success we have today. Leading us on a journey, Stephen’s process created a safe environment for the newly acquired team and the Cervus team to discuss the current realities of the culture, the business and the obstacles to reaching the Cervus of Tomorrow Vision. On the Journey we were able to create a set of celebrated mutual cultural attributes, a plan to enhance current successes and improve on the current business challenges. This work resulted in the development of our mutually agreed Five Year Strategy.

In each of the acquisitions where Stephen's TRIPIS program was used we have seen the integration time line significantly reduced along with cultural alignment and financial performance well beyond our expectations. 

Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Stephen Hobbs as a partner in any Cultural & Strategy work. His effectiveness, thinking, facilitation skills and integrity are exceptional.

John Higgins
Cervus Equipment

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