Mentoring Workplace 

There are two important approaches to navigating and weaving mentoring (programs) into your workplace. 

Mentoring FOR the Workplace -> Education, then Technology
Mentoring IN the Workplace -> Technology, then Education 

Possibility Exists in navigating & weaving mentoring programs and processes into your Workplace. It's a question of Education or Technology First?

The Workplace - A Well-Living Workplace 

A workplace is a place of work where persons enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. In doing so, they fulfil their accountabilities and responsibilities according to the outcomes identified and assigned to each person and as the persons work together. 

When all stakeholders - especially managers and leaders, and employees, vendors, & contractors - help each other to ensure the organization of work is aligned with the organizational (department, group) productivity requirements and personal performance requirements, then they fulfil a basic tenent of the well-living workplace -> Help Them Help You Manage & Lead. 

A well-living workplace ups the culture decision indicators to ensure, while persons enjoy their work, that the work is done in ways that everyone is living well together to ensure movement and profitability. Because witout movement and profitability their is no organization of work for 

  • organizational viability - ability to experience a viable organization (e.g., workable, practical, applicable) from the outside in
  • organizational sustainability - ability to experience a justifiable organization (e.g., continuous, freasible, livable.) from the inside out 

Leverage Mentoring and Facilitating by Leaders and Managers

One way to ensure organizational viability and sustainability is to have managers-leaders learn and action educating approaches so 

  • the KPIs are met, 
  • there is a RoI, and
  • the resource allocation (time, effort, and money) is correct for the outcomes anticipated.

When managers and leaders meet the stakeholders 

  • where they are 
  • and improve-focus-strengthen the stakeholders involvement (and evolvement)
  • in the words of the stakeholders
  • on terms consistent with the mission, vision, and values,

then the path forward

  • results in "adaptive to proactive & generative" workplace movement 
  • maximizing the various capitals of profitability necessary
  • to experience a well-living workplace. 

To do otherwise results in the harsh realities of a stagnent workforce versus the caring/kind realization of a vitalized workforce (paraphrasing from Vitalize Your Workforce).

International Mentoring Community 

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International Facilitating Community 

mentor mentoring well-living world 1818
facilitate facilitating
coach coaching

International Mentoring Community 

In 2018, Dr. Stephen (or Stephen) connected with the co-founder of the International Mentoring Community (IMC) Doug Lawrence to create a community of significance to award Certificate of Competence - Mentor, and alternatively, Certificate of Achievement - Mentoring.

The Mentoring Library is available, dedicated to All Things Mentoring. 

Available NOW!

International Facilitating Community 

In Fall 2020, the International Facilitating Community will open its doors to create a community of significance to award Certificate of Competence - Facilitator, and alternatively, Certificate of Achievement - Facilitating. Also available at that time: the Facilitating Library dedicated to All Things Facilitating. Join us for the grand opening! 


~ FOR ~
the Workplace

~ IN ~
the Workplace

Mentoring FOR the Workplace 
  • Education First, Then Technology Added
  • Set up an education program 
  • Ensure all have learned concepts and practices of mentoring
  • Set up opportunities to practice 
  • Identify functionality requirements
  • Ensure orientation to technology  
  • Measure and monitor education program 
  • Manage mentoring involvement, then services
  • Support Education, supporting Technology Use
  •  NOTE 1 -> Moving from relationship to structure; from person to systems
Mentoring IN the Workplace
  • Technology First, Then Education Added
  • Set up a technology platform
  • Ensure all have learned features and user interface of the technology
  • Set up administrative functionality for use 
  • Provide educational support 
  • Initiate matching 
  • Measure and Monitor technology platform
  • Manage mentoring services, then involvement 
  • Support use of Technology, supporting Education
  • NOTE 2 -> Moving from structure to relationship; from systems to persons 

Of importance, know both routes because rolling out Mentoring FOR and IN the workplace may require a Mentoring FOR approach in one department where as a Mentoring IN approach may work another department. 

Often one is seen as the cart, the other the horse ...
When it fact it's neither, because you're driving a bus. 

Ask you to reimagine the possiblity.

Design a Facilitative Mentoring FOR and IN your Workplace program-platform

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