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Research is about the search for truth, worth, and utility.

It's accomplised through research methodologies using associated tools, techniques and technologies.

Of importance to the Mentoring Research underway is the Developmental Research Methodology --> the Hermeneutic Phenomenology Approach with Personal Narrative (open interview) tools, techniques, and technologies. 

Possibility Exists in Research as You Describe, Explain, Prescribe, and/or Rescript Hsitory and/or Mystery with a Present Perspective of Being, Having, and Doing Something with the Outcomes of the Research 

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The Intention of Research on Mentor-Mentoring-Mentorship

What is Research ... 

Why Research Mentor-Mentoring-Mentorship ...

What is the Researech Inquiry?

Hermeneutic Phenomenology 

Define Hermeneutics

Define Phenomenology 

Describe and Explain Hermeneutic Phenomenology 

Explain the Research Tools, Techniques, Technologies 

Reference - a starting point 

Your Involvement

Answer Questions using Google Forms 

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