June 7, 2023

Mentoring Reframed How and Why IMC June 7 2023

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Mentoring, Reframed: The Why and How of Mentoring at the Halfway Point in 2023

00:00 Introduction:

IMC cannot overstate the power of mentoring in fostering personal and professional growth

Mentoring is a valuable tool for individuals to gain guidance, support, and knowledge from more experienced persons 

Moving towards and with a reciprocal and wholistic mentoring approach

We are advancing and amplifying the mutual development of both mentors and mentees, while also viewing individuals and organizations as interconnected wholes rather than separate parts

07:40 I. The Reciprocal Mentoring Approach:

Mentoring is not a one-sided transaction but a mutually beneficial relationship. While mentors provide guidance, insights, and experience, they also stand to gain valuable perspectives, fresh ideas, and new skills from their mentees. 

This reciprocal exchange of knowledge and experiences creates a dynamic learning environment, where both mentors and mentees can grow and develop together.

It transforms the relationship from a hierarchical structure to a collaborative partnership. 

We encourage mentees to share their unique insights, knowledge, and experiences with their mentors. 

With mentoring, while it empowers mentees — it also allows mentors to broaden their perspectives and learn from the mentees' fresh viewpoints. 

It’s about mutual respect, shared learning, and continuous growth.

15:45 II. The Wholistic Mentoring Approach:

The wholistic mentoring approach takes the concept of reciprocity a step further by viewing individuals and organizations (communities, etc.) as interconnected wholes. 

Rather than focusing solely on the personal development of mentees (and mentors), this approach emphasizes the importance of aligning individual goals with the broader vision and values of the organization (community, etc.). 

Mentees gain a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities, contributing to the overall success of the organization (community, etc.) 

This approach makes both parties aware of the shared purpose and integrates the mentoring relationships into the fabric of the organization.

A wholistic approach recognizes that individuals do not exist in isolation but are integral parts of the larger organizational ecosystem. 

Individuals can use mentoring to grow and contribute to the organization's goals and values.

We encourage mentees to align their personal goals and aspirations with the organization's strategic objectives. 

This integration allows mentees to develop a comprehensive understanding of their impact within the organization and the interconnectedness of their actions with the larger organizational outcomes.

25:12 III. Considerations of Reciprocal and Wholistic Mentoring:

  1. Adapt and evolve - continually - the mentoring program to meet the changing needs of individuals and organizations

  1. Explore opportunities for peer-to-peer learning (and group mentoring) sessions to further enhance the sense of community and belonging within the mentoring program 

  1. Leverage technology to facilitate mentor-mentee connections on a local - regional - national - global scale. [[Promote cross-cultural learning while expanding the reach of the mentoring community]]

  1. Focus on integrating reciprocal and wholistic mentoring as an integral part of their talent development strategies 

  1. Provide ongoing training for mentors and mentees 

  1. Establish mentorship guidelines and frameworks

  1. Recognize and reward mentoring in the organization - community - etc.

  2. Embed reciprocal and wholistic mentoring into the fabric of the organizational culture - community tapestry

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