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Access the videos, documents, reports, and dialogue about the practice of mentoring, the comptence of mentor, and the presence of mentorship. 

Possibility Exists in visiting the Mentoring Library
Access the knowledge, skills, and attitude requirements
of serving as a mentor (and mentee)

The Mentoring Community Library 

The Library offers videos, reports, handouts, podcast recordings for each of the action_outcome statements that make up the Certificate of Competence - Mentor. 

Historical records are available for comparision. The latest resources are placed at the top of the page. 

Also, we add the vetted resources of mentor practitioners and mentoring educators whether from the workplace and/or from academia. If you have a mentoring resource you would like to add, use the Website Contact Page to send us a note and we'' connect!

The Library is made up of 7 Modules that correspond with the 7 modules of the Certificate.
When you pay to access the Library, you complete the paperwork as though you're paying for/accessing a course.

This Library-course format offers you two ways to ask IMC questions:
1)  via the "public" comments section of the page - so we can dialogue online if it helps
2) click the link to the website Contact Page to ask a "private" question - we respond via your email!

The Library Fee:

First Year: was 397 CAN -> April 1, 2020 through September 1st, 2020 = 297 CAN
Second and subsequent years: 50% of the First Year Fee you purchased;
payment required before you anniversary date; grace period of 5 working days.  
(we invoice you one month ahead of your anniversary date - this fee is not automatic)

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100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like the IMC Mentoring Library, you can get a full refund anytime within 20 business days after your purchase. There are no partial refunds after the 20 business days. There is no automatic billing on your purchase anniversary date. We'll send you an invoice with details to the email we have linked to your purchase date.

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The International Mentoring Community is open!

In the February 2021, we're opening the International Facilitating Community!

International Mentoring Community 

International Facilitating Community 

International Mentoring Community 

In 2018, Dr. Stephen (or Stephen) connected with the co-founder of the International Mentoring Community (IMC) Doug Lawrence to create a community of significance to award Certificate of Competence - Mentor; Certificate of Achievement - Mentoring; and, Certificate of Recognition - Mentorship.

Available now, Mentoring Library dedicated to All Things Mentoring. 

Available NOW!

International Facilitating Community 

In February 2021, the International Facilitating Community will open its doors to create a community of significance to award Certificate of Competence - Facilitator, and alternatively, Certificate of Achievement - Facilitating. Also available at that time: the Facilitating Library dedicated to All Things Facilitating. Join us for the grand opening! 


~ FOR ~
the Workplace

~ IN ~
the Workplace

Mentoring FOR the Workplace 
  • Education First, Then Technology Added
  • Set up an education program 
  • Ensure all have learned concepts and practices of mentoring
  • Set up opportunities to practice 
  • Identify functionality requirements
  • Ensure orientation to technology  
  • Measure and monitor education program 
  • Manage mentoring involvement, then services
  • Support Education, supporting Technology Use
  •  NOTE 1 -> Moving from relationship to structure; from person to systems
Mentoring IN the Workplace
  • Technology First, Then Education Added
  • Set up a technology platform
  • Ensure all have learned features and user interface of the technology
  • Set up administrative functionality for use 
  • Provide educational support 
  • Initiate matching 
  • Measure and Monitor technology platform
  • Manage mentoring services, then involvement 
  • Support use of Technology, supporting Education
  • NOTE 2 -> Moving from structure to relationship; from systems to persons 

Of importance, know both routes because rolling out Mentoring FOR and IN the workplace may require a Mentoring FOR approach in one department where as a Mentoring IN approach may work another department. 

Often one is seen as the cart, the other the horse ...
When it fact it's neither, because you're driving a bus. 

Ask you to reimagine the possiblity.

Design a Facilitative Mentoring FOR and IN your Workplace program-platform

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