November 30, 2022

Mentoring Leading Mentor Leader

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What is the Connection, Competition, & Collaboration Between Mentoring and Leading?

00:00 Introduction 

04:24 Mentoring Definition

06:44 Define Lead (verb) — cause someone to go with you - ensure someone uptakes practices; be a route or means of access to a particular place // direction; be in charge of // command of; support the sense of thriving;have experience in 

Manage (verb) — be in charge of // administer of; survive - attain the goals; ensure systems work

To Lead - Leading - Leadership
To Manage - Managing - Management
To Mentor - Mentoring - Mentorship
Leader - Manager - Mentor
Body of knowledge = ship/ment
Practices of = ing
Person = er/or

Root of the word = action verb - How best to use it?

14:06 Situation: 

“Uncertainty - ambiguity - confusion - risk - certainty”

NOISE - chaos - uncertainty (left side)Ambiguity leans to NOISE; Risk leans to NEWSSNEWSS - safety (gratitude, presence, inspiration, enthusiasm – certainty (right side))

Stories - Examples 

20:10  Doug - Manufacturing example - demonstrating leadership skills through the mentoring process. Reflecting back with the client as to how and what he/she did and the outcomes

22:44 Stephen - Telling is selling (buy in); Sharing is caring (enroll in)Sometimes - telling is for managing; and sharing is with leading You can lead how to manage; You can manage how to leadTwo sides of a coin metaphor

26:25 Doug - HR example - hiring process, telling versus guiding

29:50 Stephen - Writing book: Help Them Help You Manage LeadSort out education action verbs with managing and leading, and together 

Revised version of the book: Help Your Learners Help You Educate: With Simplicity, Elegance, Humility (2023)

Mentoring and Leading for 2023

34:45 **Connection

_mentoring informs leading - development
_leading informs mentoring - development 

38:07 **Competition

_while mentoring, are you always leading?
_along the lines and boxes of the organization chart (safe system)
_in the white space of the organization chart (safer practices)

42:33 **Collaboration

_leaders mentoring others - for reasons of _better_ for self, another, together
_outside the lines and boxes/white space of the organization chart (safety)


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