October 26, 2022

Mentoring Definition FOR Mentoring Program

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In What Ways Does the Definition of Mentoring Influence Mentoring Programs?

00:00 Introduction 

05:25 Mentoring Definition - IMC perspective

07:20 Mentoring Meaning - What mentoring means?

1)) personal
2)) professional
3)) socio-cultural (community, business, charitable, government)

08:06 Mentoring Benefits 

1)) Mentor - Who is a mentor? Who are mentors?
2)) Mentee - Who is a mentee?
3)) Mentorship - Program perspective

25:26 Mentoring vs Coaching - Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and Facilitating 

27:20 Mentoring Program - Certification

What is a mentoring program template?

What is mentoring program?

What are mentoring program benefits?

In summary:

Relevance - Need/Want - Issue at hand!
Offer - Investment - clear
What’s the risk to enter - time and effort more so than $

Clarify from consistency
Contribute from confidence
All true - so meeting you where you are at… consider:

/// 32: 57 Next Steps

Discover/shape for the fit of mentoring in your life approach— of what mentoring leads to… this video/the message herein… We encourage you to consider becoming a certified mentor so you can _see following statement//replace here_ through mentoring:

  1. - Share your gift(s) from your lived experience - concepts and/or practices 
  2. - Consolidate your thinking (and feeling) about what matters most to you with others 
  3. - Guide yourself to something else - your learning, growth, & development 
  4. - Decide your transition -- transaction - transformation - transcendence 
  5. - Answer those niggling life meaning ?s - life purpose - answer your calling = Clarity!


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