November 16, 2022

Mentoring Community and Collaborative Conversations

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What is a Mentoring Community? 
What is the Use of Collaborative Conversations?

00:00 Introduction 

02:30 Mentoring Definition - IMC perspective

  1. Twoway
  2. Trusted relationship 
  3. Where (and when) the mentor and mentee
  4. Learn and grow together through
  5. Personal and professional 
  6. Development (and evaluation: formative review and summative assessment)

04:00 *Use Collaborative Conversation

_Collaboration - high assertiveness (for self)  and high cooperation (with others)

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (search for this keyphrase)_Conversation - informal (formal) sharing/exchanging ideas - focused (reason for it) - outcome - build/grow each other’s ideas/insights

As I start my conversations while mentoring 

07:42 *Remind myself of the following guidance:I (we) create a place where we live and work well together. 

Where (and when) we enjoy what we do and do what we enjoy.

Key considerations:I (as a mentor) 09:10 *Use collaborative conversations involving a hospitality approach

That is …

  • I converse in ways that show my confidence and cooperation = organization of work
  • I welcome all of the mentee (upon entry, along the way) = preparation checklist//prevention backpack
  • I start where the mentee is = welcoming
  • I use collaborative (generative) conversations (twoway) from the outset = consistency.

As It Applies to working with the mentee, I’ll ask questions like:

  1. “What does mentoring mean to you?”
  2. “What does mentoring look like for us?”
  3. “If you could have your great mentoring experience, what would it look like?”

With answers to these types of questions, 

16:55 *Gain insights to frame my listening and learning 

as I show listening in action. 

Listen from a caring response

Then What?

Once you identify what you know and comprehend

about what the mentee has shared, 

then WE start and 

Sustain collaborative conversations via a hospitality perspective 

Engage TOGETHER (Two-Way) 

20:39 *Comprehend the mentee’s hierarchy of values Ask, and listen via their words - their actionsAlert to my own - and how I show them

AND, While there is two of us 

There are persons influenced by the mentoring

22:22 So you have the community of two, and other communitiesLook at communities - as in IMCommunity 

  1. Community (Level of commonness/unifies) (Communicate from Commitment)
  2. Community of Concepts (Knowledge - associated attitudes)
  3. Community of Practice (Skills - associated attitudes)
  4. Community of Caring - Kindness (Respect and Fairness)
  5. Community of Significare - Hospitality/Caring 

30:31 IMC is a Community 

where/when IM - I Mentor in Community // “I’m community” 

33:35 In community, using collaborative conversations, consider the knowledge and skills (and attitude) required for:

  • Issue resolution including problem inquiry/solving and appreciative inquiry/tracking
  • Dynamic delegation 
  • Recognition and celebration
  • Progressive incentives 
  • What would you add? Alter? Delete? For this list? 


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