July 28, 2022

Mentoring Challenges Courses Conferences

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Mentoring Challenges Courses Conferences

00:01 Introduction

04:30 Definition of Mentoring
New Mentors& Mentors who want to improve, focus, their mentoring through certification

07:18 Comments - 10 questions - establish a baseline
Please complete so we can improve, focus, and strengthen our Mentoring Education and Certification actions and outcomes

11:45 Challenges - priority of presentation
7 days or 14 day - that is the question
1: Meaning of Mentoring - Including Myths and Metaphors
2: NOISE and NEWSS of Mentoring - The Position
3: Mentoring: Moving In and Moving On - Your Authority
4: Educator Within, Educating Without: Mentoring Approach - Your Mastery
5: Mentor Mannequin Model (and Template) - Your Mastery
6: Value of Safety - Safe Systems and Safer Practices - Human Science
7: Certification: The Mentoring Way – So What? What Else? Now What?

21:55 Courses - connect-consider-convert-conclude-complete

22:05 The Challenge Over 3 Months, including completion of the Certificate of Achievement - Written Audit of the Mentoring Concepts
Easy upgrade to Certificate of Competence - Mentor at any time through the course 

26:20 Conferences - topics
1: Jumping the Experience Queue
2: Mental Health and Mentoring - [A] Adult - [B] Youth Perspectives - [C] Workplace
3: Future and Past Meet In Nurturing the Presence of Mentoring Your suggestions - list in comments section

41:02 Completion - certification
Homepage - listed here, follow the prompt links

Doug Lawrence - Director of Education/Outreach
Dr. Stephen Hobbs - Director of Certification (https://wellthmovement.com) 

Reach out to us with your comments - to ask questions - to get involved with mentoring certification... 

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