July 21, 2022

Mentoring at Work Value of Experience

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Mentoring at Work: The Value of Experience

The #Value of #Experience, #Mentoring at #Work
What is the value of experience when mentoring at work?

00:01 Introduction, with Topic Overview

06:00 Work - Discovering and shaping a place where the self meets the world (David Whyte, Poet: Crossing the Unknown Sea
Energy (time and place) directed at something to happen - whether paid or unpaid - mental//physical
The collective sense of projects - e.g., the work of mentoring

11:06 Mentoring -Definition used by IMC

13:10 Experience - Encounter (face, confront, contact with, run into) an occurrence (process of living) for which observations are made (about knowledge, skills, attributes gained)
An experience - concept = noun
To experience - practice = verb
The experience - lived = the something

17:55 Value - Regard that something is held
Worth - improve (evaluate)
Truth - prove (experiment)
Usefulness - use (development)
Value of Experience While Mentoring at Work 

23:30 1)) Record your experience
Use a Portfolio (Processfolio//Productfolio) Documentation System
** Persons forget to do so, and forgetfulness is the confusion knoll (hilltop) of leveraging experience __These records — are about the transformation from these experiences because the records is not identical to the lived experience itself 

26:45 2)) Look to Reflect In and OnKnow what a good - great - memorable - remarkable - extraordinary experience means and use the meaning correctly in your pattern recognition and recognition patten
** Reflection occurs sometime later - while still helpful, useful - often misses the nuances in the immediate moments
__From these reflections keep forefront your decisions of tactfulness (consideration of involvement) and thoughtfulness (consideration of others) 

30:00 3)) Based on overview above - through IMC definition of Mentoring, consider these attributes linked with your experience:
Action - reaction – “proaction”
Patience – “flexibility” - discretion
Gratitude, presence – “inspiration” - enthusiasm, certainty
“Professionalism” - inspired standards and wise practices
Manage – “lead” - complementarity for the situation
** There is much unfolding and enfolding - it’s not a rushed process
__While mentoring – attending to these attributes (skills, knowledge) – you have direct contact with your life world, that of the mentee, and both sharing 

35:50 4)) Mentoring is not coaching
While both are educating approaches - guide on the ride
Their processes connect, compete, collaborate
Know which one for the situation
As a mentor – Know if you are a mentor or coach (or both)
As a mentee - Determine if you require a mentor or coach (or both)
** When you mentor you mentor, when you lead you lead - know the fitness (what does it lead to) of what you use to support your mentoring
__When you know what mentoring is not, you can understand the essence of what mentoring can be

40:43 5)) Personal well-being — well-living
Self-concept - allows for edits (add, alter, delete) to determination of what stays and what goes
Philosophy — point of view - share with mentee (others at work) (Mentor learns from mentee!)
__Mentoring - its value - your reflections - your documentation - reunites with old grounding (it’s here) or excites breakthrough (found it now)

Review of the topics

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