April 14, 2022

Mentoring and Belonging-Being-Becoming For the Workplace

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Mentoring and Belonging-Being-Becoming For the Workplace

Topics Covered

00:02 Introduction
02:38 Update on Your Book Your Podcasts - what are you sharing - what insights are you receiving in return that mentoring can support
05:41 Quora Question
How Do I Start a Mentoring Program at School? I would recommend getting the school management involved in the decision-making process. One of the reasons programs fail is that there is no support from the senior level in the school. You would also need to define who are the recipients of the mentoring as you will have to customize the program to meet various age groups. One of the programs that I advised on had elementary students being mentored by high school students who where mentored by university/college students. The university/college students where then mentored by the business community. You want to make sure that you have these mentoring processes documented and make sure they are shared with the participants. Customized training for all the participants must be provided and refresher training should be provided annually. There should be a willingness to be part of this exciting movement. Typically, in an organizational setting we would do a culture assessment to determine mentor readiness of the organization. Make sure that you have a communication plan that outlines what you are going to communicate and to whom you are going to communicate and the frequency. This is a golden opportunity to introduce mentoring as a way of life. 

09:58 As a mentor - psychological approach (Brendon Burchard)
10:30 1) Identify (name of, recognize who)
11:18 2) Meaning (implied importance, significance)
11:44 3) Control (determine quality of your experience, less about another's behavior))
12:35 4) Optimism (hope, confidence about the future)
13:23 5) Resilience (recover quickly, to a better place than upon entering the crisis, situation, without dysfunction) Plus:
15:22 Neuro - nerves, nervous system Neurodiversity - variation of brain function and behavioral traits Neurolearning Neuroeducation Expand on this framing via Belonging - Being - Becoming
21:21 [[C]] Becoming from for Intention For Mentor and Mentee Walk me through what you need, want, desire First Draft Formative review Course correction - maybe a pivot point Mentoring from the future intention for use today
26:35 [[A]] Belonging for from Attention For Mentor and Mentee Questions asked Arrangement made Relationship supported Outcomes discussed in context to [[C]]
28:19 Hinder and Help exists between [[C]] and [[A]] Hinder - begrudge (limiting beliefs) envy another//reluctant to give time, effort, money (outside in) --- because syndrome (avoidance) Help - believe (activating beliefs) accept as true//feel sure of truth (inside out) --- be the cause approach
28:20 Hinder and Help Like Pain and Pleasure Like Challenge and Support
28:50 Are present like two ends of a stick Know the stick Trust the Stick Challenge the Stick (IFS) Also, between [[C]] and [[A]] are 5 insights about Being
 30:51 1)) Being 2)) Being Fully Human 3)) Being Natural 4)) Being Planetary 5)) Being Solaris -- galaxy
31:40 1)) Being - to bring forth, to grow - existence - intelligence - essence of person
32:00 2))Being Fully Human enliven intelligence - know thyself (know others) physical - mental - emotional - intuitive - social - spiritual brighten a room - wisdom - makes the world a better place FOR the World
35:15 3)) Being Natural Dolphin is a dolphin, a tiger is a tiger, a falcon is a falcon, human beings are confused Use "human nature" - lean into making mistakes, imperfection Connects with wellness - healthy --- illness - not healthy Technology - lifestyle - nutrition Bridge between FOR the World and WITH the Planet
38:40 4)) Being Planetary Your connection with the planet And all other kin Your use of the resources The way you organize your life Consumption linked to needs, wants, and desires How to act ecologically - in relationship with nature Being Natural within Nature (e.g., forest bathing; prescription: Go Outdoors) Bridge between WITH the Planet and FROM the Whole
41:30 5)) Being Solaris Pertaining to the sun Your connection to meta sphere The Space beyond The stars and galaxies The unknown FROM the Whole
44:30 *** With emphasis as a linchpin - concept vital to the organization of life/living
45:13 Being Natural forward being and being fully human fromward being planetary and being Solaris Holds it together Important aspect of living - of mentoring Make a difference
45:33 Are you ready, able, and willing to mentor
46:54 Preparation Approach
47:03 Prevention Backpack
47:35 Practice Continuation

https://youtu.be/EZHYchC4DwE - Felt Mentoring
https://youtu.be/hAB-K3hSYnM - Coaching/Mentoring

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