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Unlock Your Mentorship Power Confidently

Reaching Out, Encouraging Your Involvement

Whether you are embarking on your mentoring journey or have traversed this path for years, our twice a month (2nd and 4th) Saturday* morning “Unlock Your Mentorship Power Confidently” Gathering furnishes an online place to orient yourself to a Wholistic, Reciprocal Mentoring Approach.

*available February through end of July 2024

The gathering is like walking through the threshold of the house for dinner, gaining insight into your manners meeting their hospitality.

You can attend once. You can visit again!

During this Saturday morning gathering, we feature practical guidance linked to these topics:

_1_ Explore the seven core categories of mentorship–mentoring - emphasize one
_2_ Navigate 2 common pitfalls that may hinder mentor confidence - suggest ways forward
_3_ Review the crucial pillars of mentor recognition - there are five, decide if you complete all
_4_ Channel mentorship energy for sustainable impact - from within, answer Now What!

Soloaging soloager

If this thought arrives, “I can do this another time!”


As Midlife Older to Next Fifty Elder, do you want to evolve joy and experience mentorship while living from the legacy you intend to leave today?

While reaching milestones is great. Confirm mentorship–mentoring–mentor as one sooner than later!

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Online via Zoom
10 am to 12 noon Mountain (Calgary, Alberta)  

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Moving Forward with Certification:

  1. Dive Deep into Mentorship: Immerse yourself in the art and science of mentorship. Learn the nuances, embrace the challenges, and celebrate the victories.
  2. Earn Your Mentor Certification: Your experience is invaluable, but formal recognition amplifies your impact. With your existing knowledge and newfound skills, pursue the coveted Certificate of Practice - Journey Mentor from the International Mentoring Community.
  3. Become a Lantern of Guidance: With certification in hand, you're not just a mentor—you're a certified guide, equipped with the tools, knowledge, and recognition to transform lives.
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Your Legacy Awaits: Take the Leap

The path of mentorship promises fulfillment, growth, and a legacy that transcends time.
As an Older SoloAger, your decision today shapes tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and dreamers.

Choose wisely. Choose mentorship. Your extraordinary life begins now.

[Begin Your Mentorship Journey Today]

The International Mentoring Community with its Certification program, is a Legacy Project co-founded by Dr. Stephen Hobbs and Doug Lawarence (TalentC).

Through 2024 and beyond, workshops and resources will be available. 
More information and details of the certification process are available here

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