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Five Tips To Ensure Mentoring From the Mentee's Perspective In Their Words

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Actively Seek and Understand The Mentee's Perspective:
Take the time to do so! Encourage them to share their thoughts, goals, and challenges. Listen attentively and empathetically without imposing your own perspective. By understanding their unique viewpoint, you can tailor your mentoring approach accordingly.

Ask Open-Ended Questions:
Instead of assuming what the mentee needs or wants, ask open-ended questions that allow them to express themselves. Encourage them to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. By asking questions such as, "What are your goals?" or "How do you see yourself overcoming this challenge?", you can gain insights into their perspective and aspirations.

Validate Their Experiences:
Acknowledge and validate the mentee's experiences, achievements, and struggles. Show genuine empathy and understanding for their journey. Use their words to express support and recognition. This validation fosters trust and builds a safe space for open communication, where the mentee feels comfortable sharing their perspective.

Provide Guidance, Not Solutions:
Instead of imposing your professional perspective, offer guidance and support that align with the mentee's goals and aspirations. Help them explore different options, consider alternative perspectives, and make informed decisions. Empower them to find their own solutions by asking questions like, "What are your thoughts on this approach?" or "How do you see yourself handling this situation?"

Collaborate and Co-create:
Involve the mentee in the mentoring process and decision-making. Collaboratively set goals, identify areas for improvement, and create action plans. Encourage the mentee to take part and contribute their ideas and insights. By co-creating the mentoring experience, you honor their perspective and empower them to take ownership of their growth.





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