Written by Stephen Hobbs

Mapping example, customized hand drawings

From Mapping to MAPPing for Business: Two Case Examples 

We reimagine the word mapping to form a acronym that best illustrates what we do … we serve via MAPPing:

  • Map to Agree

  • Agree to Plan

  • Plan to P______ (whatever P-related word works like Perform, Produce, Price, Position, etc.)

  • By adding “ing” to the P-related word you highlight the process-product connection

Mapping Example 1 – click to enlarge drawing:

mapping example Management Program MappingA client asked for a map to position a new management/leadership program. The visual had to guide employees and manager-leaders to imagine what was unfolding.

In the past, they only sent an email sharing the 5Ws & H details plus where to show up.

Early feedback from program educators suggested most participants entered the course without understanding the linkages among 7 Projects (Learning Modules of he program).

And it took more time than expected to get participants up to speed. Several participants complained there was no roadmap.

~ ~ ~ With the use of the map (see drawing above), more participants came prepared to participate. And it helped those who attended shared stories with the upcoming participants by answering questions via the map without giving away the content and learning activities.

What was special was the earliest participants asked (and received) an internal webinar to learn the map.

Also, the map was reformatted to meet client specifications.

Mapping Example 2 – click to enlarge drawing:

mapping example Organization Development MappingThe OD (Organizational Development) managers and internal consultants of a client wanted a simple map to highlight their Performance role in supporting managers and leaders to involve staff in the Organization Culture (OC) initiative.

WELLth Movement was facilitating and mentoring the assigned OC/OD senior managers and OD staff  through the implementation stage of the Organization Culture initiative using our TRIPIS technique.

We had a secondary role in supporting the managers and leaders when requested.

Also, the map was reformatted – red lettering replaced with black lettering – to meet client specifications. Client maintained the drawing because it was consistent with the other drawings in circulation re: workplace culture program.

In closing …

Examples 1 and 2: In both cases the drawings were prototypes. They took the maps and created their company specific infographics.

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