August 25, 2017

Managing Leading Well-Living Workplace Overview

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Managing-Leading Well-Living Workplace Overview:

Introduction: Wherever you organize your work, you're involved in a workplace. From a WELLth Movement perspective, it's important to ensure the workplace uses wellth (well-being and well-living) concepts and practices. That is, you create and sustain a well-living workplace. 

Well-Living Workplace Defined 

The well-living workplace is a place of work where employees and customers live and work well together. All enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy.

And for all to work well together, all have to be mindful of how and why managing-leading is important. For some, they must be overtly practical and disciplined in how and why they manage-lead - they are called managers and leaders, executives and supervisors, etc. 

In support of managing-leading the well-living workplace, I’ve written a series of five eBooks to breathe life into the concepts and practices based on truth, trust and transparency. The first Kindle Book is available.

These eBooks serve as guides to establish and sustain the concepts and practices for individual well-being, and when combined, improve the well-living of all employees, no matter their level, and the customers/clients they serve.

9+1 Characteristics of the Well-Living Workplace

Whenever people gather to organize work, it’s important to do so through well-living workplace concepts and practices.

The 9+1 characteristics of the well-living workplace found below were framed during two years of work in Eastern Africa in the late 80s. They were shared throughout the 90s while working on wellness in the workplace programs for businesses, government departments, and non-profit workplaces. In 2004, they were further refined and included in the book, Creating the Well-Living Workplace.

They still apply today!

Possibly, they are more relevant today … and for the next ten or twenty plus years!

In 2010, the book was revised. The eBook format is available for purchase from:

Leadership Legacy Well-Living Workplace

The characteristics that follow have been modified from the 2010 version of the book. Instead of focusing on the job role of manager-leader, the ten insights guide everyone’s actions in the workplace.

Whatever the job role, there is a measure of managing-leading involved, the degree of which is described and explained in the job profiles. For example, the front receptionist leads people into the workplace by giving directions. The CEO manages the use of the phone system to respond to queries.

9+1 Key Characteristics of the Well-Living Workplace™

The Well-Living Workplace™ involves creation of a workplace community where everyone practices the following 9+1 key characteristics:

1. Lead from the vision: With an expressed and inspiring vision, people guide others along the path as everyone works from the vision.

2. Listening-based leadership: People inspire and motivate others in their work; they are listening to how best to advance and sustain engagement.

3. Network-based management: When all people know they manage-lead at one time or another, they will realize they work in a network that has no center.

4. People bring their uniqueness to their work: As people bring who they really are to work, there is a shared agreement to create safe and original interactions.

5. Balance among people, producing and profit: People are the mainstay of the workplace; through their individual performance, they collectively produce the required outcome.

customer employee executive experiences

6. Ethical and supportive behavior: As people go about doing their great work, they do so through practiced workplace values and to support each other.

7. Movement of lifelong learning: This is where formal, informal and incidental lifelong learning is encouraged to the benefit of each person personally and collectively.

8. Contribution to society: As the workplace draws its resources from the wider community, the workplace gives back in some form.

9. Balance among risk, fun and creativity: People work through freedom and flexibility to find the best path to complete their tasks and assignments.

+1. People work in service to others: In fulfilling one’s work, consideration is given to how one serves others, both internally and externally, in the workplace.

Question and Reflection:

If you were to add characteristics, what would they be?

I suggest you pause here and reread the characteristics again so that you can be sure the characteristics have meaning for you.

Edit the statements. By editing, you add, alter and/or delete the statement(s) so that the statement(s) has/have the richest and deepest meaning for you.

Paraphrasing Nelson Mandala, ex-prime minister of South Africa:
When you use your words in conversation,
you connect with the heads of others.
When you use their words in conversation,
you connect with the hearts of others.

Therefore, make the words of this article yours in whatever way makes sense to you to encourage engagement, retention, performance improvement, and personal development via creating the well-living workplace.

Let’s continue and use the characteristics listed above with the decisions you make and the actions you take in managing-leading your well-living workplace.

PS: As to next steps I’ve written a five-book series available here - the first book is available now, the publication date for the others is: 

Managing_Leading the Well-Living Workplace - Available NOW August 21st
Managing_Leading Engagement and Recognition - Available September 19th
Managing_Leading Mentoring - Available October 19
Managing_Leading Organization Culture - Available November 18
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PPS: Here is the link to the entire Managing-Leading the Well-lIving Workplace Campaign or cut n paste this link: … here you find information about the 9+1 Movement Challenge and other support videos and handouts available on our YouTube Channel

PPPS: Also, I created an 21-module online course Creating the Well-Living Workplace. It reviews and offers action_outcomes related to the 10 characteristics of the well-living workplace. The link to the course is available at

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