April 14, 2017

Making a Movement Definition: Clarity from Consistency

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Summary: Making a Movement Definition outlines the basic elements of growing your business using movement as a core business strategy 

Today, Making (Make) a Movement or some form of the phrase like Starting a Revolution is a community and/or societal rally call directed at corporations and entrepreneurs to include social impact and social innovation in their organization of work.

Often the call is made by enterprising entrepreneurs forecasting societal stories and/or groups of people voicing the lack of community/societal advancement at regional, national and/or international levels. 

Those encouraging the call will use a comparison to societal movements and their leaders as a way to direct executives, entrepreneurs, and employees to reframe their organization of work. Often, useful! However, not all examples of past movements are created equal.  

making a movement defintion

The call demands executives, entrepreneurs and employees remain conscious of their impact on people and planet at whatever level of their operations. At the same time, they can make a reasonable profit with encouragement to share a % with the community. 

Here is a fun video about Making a Movement ... albeit about a guy dancing on the hill at a music festival. While the commentator shares leadership lessons, elements of making a movement are highlighted in the human interactions. 

For Entrepreneurs

In taking up the mantle of Making a Movement, here two insights:

  • often making a movement via your business occurs at the intersection of something that has great meaning to you and your belief that others could benefit from your lived experiences. You've moved something in your life - and what you learned could help others. You see it - and you believe you can convince others to see what you have to offer. You make and/or join a movement. From the inside out ... 
  • another way you come to making a movement is your perspective of community and/or societal injustice. You see a need to tackle one or more societal systems that are broken from your ethical viewpoint. You ask, "How can people and/or animals be treated that way?" Something must be done - you make and/or join a movement. From the outside in ...

While both are valuable starting points, each has an impact on your allocation of your resources - you time, effort, and/or money. Therefore, it's important to use the "slower" approach to making a movement. Allocate time to determine the level of commitment you'll make. Will you join a movement that exists and/or make a movement?

Your decision to make a movement occurs at four levels. Each is important in the decisions you make as an entrepreneur:

make a movement

At a personal level ... in the determination of your involvement - do you lead, do you follow? - do you join a movement, do you make a movement? Can you answer the Why, How and Who questions of making a movement? Research is required to make an informed decision. This level of competence is vital to move forward.  

As an entrepreneur, you have to consider the allocation of your time, effort, and money and the organization of your work in making and sustaining a movement. You have to take care of yourself and those who benefit from your business. Afterwards, you can contribute to others.

At a community level, the marketing connection you make between your business and the movement is determined agreeable by the purchases your customers make. Therefore, transparency of what movement you join and/or make is important for your business viability. Equally, the disclosure of making/joining a movement is important to nourishing your philanthropic needs and values. 

At a societal level, for you to join and/or make a regional, national and/or international movement, your involvement has risen to the level of a calling. Additional variables arise like the critical mass of people required to make it happen. Also, you must determine the organizational format used to establish and sustain the strategic, tactical, and operational conditions - profit, for-profit, charitable. 

In closing, weaving "making a movement" into your life and business requires more than an emotional decision. While emotions guide the motion of your effort, it's your slower, logical approach to making a movement that guides your time and money allocations. The question becomes ... are you making a movement and/or joining a movement? And when? 

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