It's November 1997 ...
I left my job as a tenure track university professor in January.
And started full-time as an entrepreneur. 
I did not build a transition bridge ... I leaped!

I landed on both feet.
And yet, I tucked into a couple of rolls because the after-landing was not so smooth.

What I knew ... writing was involved. And offering workshops in the area of wellth creation was on the agenda.
Where wellth was about well-being to the nth degree for person and well-living to the nth degree for persons. Which meant creation, co-creation, and re:creation were involved.

Which meant I became an autobiographical -- personal narrative -- auto-interpretive phenomenological research case (thank you academia))smiles.
That is, I became my primary test case!
[Book to follow - some day!]

Returning to the story:
I learned quickly, self-reflection and self-re:creation can be awesome and difficult at the same time. 

Let me share one thread from my life tapestry.

~~~ It's about movement ...

As with some authors, the blank page is daunting. However, I've learned to keep questioning. The responses helped me write.

Through questions and writing, I establish connection with living, laughing, leading, leveraging, and so much more. 

Something I do on every quarter turn of the year - on the 4 solstices - I ask this question:

What is hindering and helping in living my extraordinary life?

The question requires writing two lists ... 
On the left = hindering responses
On the right = helping responses 

And then ...

mentoring 18-04

((Going to include you now in my writing process ...))smiles

FIRST: Start with the helping responses and ask:
What can I maintain and continue?
What can I convert and strengthen?
For each response I write one action_outcome statement 
The possibility exists the response stimulates more than one action_outcome statement. Capture all ideas. 
An action_outcome statement has a measurable action verb followed by the desired outcome
e.g., _record 3 daily gratitudes in my journal every evening

SECOND: I move to the hindering responses and ask:
What can I reduce and reframe?
What can I eliminate and delete? 
Again, for each response I write one action_outcome statement 
The possibility exists the response stimulates more than one action_outcome statement. Capture all ideas. 
An action_outcome statement has a measurable action verb followed by the desired outcome
e.g., _reframe my complaints as compliments

Note: if an action_outcome statement from the helping side deals with the hindering response, then there is no need to write another statement - move on. Unless the hindering response stimulates an additional action_outcome statement - then record it.

THIRD: Collect all action outcome statements
Prioritize them 

FOURTH: Make each of top five statements a heading of a column
(You have five columns)
Sort the remaining action_outcome statements by column
If a statement does not fit a column, create a new column
Continue till all statements are in a column
Sort so you have no more than 7-9 columns

Check in:
Upon writing your hindering and helping responses
If you wrote your truth
You can trust your story as you know it
Thus, you have been transparent in what matters to you
Happy dance!

FIFTH: Implement the top statement in each column 
Keep implementing across columns (suggest: not action one column at a time)

SIXTH: Record and reflect on your action_outcomes
Remember to celebrate on every new moon
Reenergize and continue 

SEVENTH: Remember to repeat each solstice. 

EIGHTH: Enjoy the journey (actions) and celebrate the destination respites (outcomes)

Ah - your living your extraordinary life. 
As I am!

NINTH: Identify what you learned - from one solstice to the next - about the actions you've taken and outcomes you've achieved.

Be your autobiographical -- personal narrative -- auto-interpretive phenomenological research case ))smiles and I'm LOLWY!
Laughing Out Loud With You!


To travel is to take a journey into yourself.

~ Danny Kaye

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