July 5, 2018

Borrowing a Page from Wallace Wattles about Connecting Purpose, Vision, Faith, and Gratitude – Life Lessons 18-05:

Reviewing the many ideas I have written into documents and books, I found four phrases that I wrote to remind me about the importance of purpose, vision, faith and gratitude in living my extraordinary life.

And I must thank Wallace Wattles for the spark. When you read the last chapter of his book Science of Getting Rich* - my story is strengthen. *The link is to a pdf copy of the book, there is no affiliation!

For me ... The statements and commentary that follow helped me on many occasions over the past 20+ years. I recognize they are wonderful travelling companions when I lead. 

I know, through the

Fixity of my Purpose
Definitiveness of my Vision
Steadiness of my Faith
Depth of my Gratitude
I am leading my extraordinary life. 

Would the same be true for you?

life lessons 18-05

Fixity of Purpose

Emerging into my adult years, I struggled with knowing my life purpose. And I was reminded by a mentor “your purpose is the purpose you gift yourself”. 

I had thought a beam of light would knock on my door some night and bequeath me with my life purpose. Instead I looked inside and checked with what made me joyful. 

I found I enjoy being an educator. Exploring a little more, I found that the phrase “educator of dimen(st)ionality’* kept ringing and singing true from my heart’s eye
(dimensionality is about organizing and analyzing data in more than 3 dimensions. My twist was to add t = time so I was explicit about educating in space and time. A quirk/quark of mine))smiles

And so began my journey of leading to integrate ‘educator of dimen(st)ionality’ into my life.

Do you know your life purpose? 

Look at what you do, what you say, what you dream, what you enjoy doing – in it are clues to your life purpose. 

In living your life purpose, your ability to lead grows because you understand how to speak your ‘yes and no’ responses to decisions.  

mentoring 18-04

Definitiveness of Vision

Whenever I read the word ‘vision’ in association with my life, I immediately think about living from my future intentions. To live from vision is a way to focus my awareness (attention, and intention) on my path of shared living, leveraging, and leading with measures of laughing and loveraging added.   

The more definitive I am in my vision, the more I align with the law of reciprocity. Life is proportional to action. And action follows your decision. Therefore, you decide what you get. And to know what you have, look at the decisions you have made. Today is a residual effect of your decisions yesterday! 

I am reminded:

  • Creating a Vision encourages you to take a stand for a preferred future
  • Creating a Vision highlights how you lead when you interact with others 

More so, Vision: 

  • channels your deepest values into your life and is a word picture of how values are lived out
  • inspires and engages your hands, head and heart 
  • highlights what you are living/leading/working from – it brings to light your upcoming learning
  • provides direction and a preferred future that organizes energy and aligns it in an action-directed manner 
  • is so clear that it is a virtual reality experienced in terms of all the senses - about sensing, believing and behaving the future now

What is your vision?

  1. Scan some magazines and cut out nine pictures that connect with you.
  2. Identify six words that have great meaning for you.
  3. Write down three phrases that resonate with you (or cut ad headlines from the magazines).
  4. With your 9-6-3 ideas … keep moving them around until ‘something’ jumps off the table.
  • Be open to surprise – and it may not happen at once. You can keep adding, deleting and/or altering the 9-6-3 ideas you have collected. Stay with the process – your vision will unfold! 

When you live from your vision you lead … it is a precious gift to the world.  

life lessons 18-05

Steadiness of Faith

Faith is your belief in yourself – something you have and can obtain whenever it is needed to live your extraordinary life. Faith means you realize ‘nothing or no-thing is missing’ in your life! Just as the sun will rise in the morning, you will experience your life. 

Holding steady to your faith involves loving yourself in concert with your Creator. The welcoming of something greater than you gives you access to what is about you. How you interpret your Creator for yourself and for others to understand is with you. What is important is that you recognize and welcome something from around you, within you, that passes through you that is more than who you are as a touchable person.

Faith is a travelling companion in living your extraordinary life. It travels better than its opposite - doubt. When you are in faith you are living out of confidence. While mistakes are made and failure leaves clues of learning-for-knowing, it is your steadiness of faith that continues you on your search for truth. It is faith that helps you weave your learning from mistakes and failure into tomorrow’s leadership action. 

Take an early morning, reflective afternoon or a quiet evening and consider your faith.

  • What is your faith in you? 
  • What is your faith in your family and close friends?
  • What is your faith in work? 

Simply ask about your faith in different (yet connected) elements for living your extraordinary life.
And be open to surprise especially recognizing with faith comes heartfelt leadership, leading, and being a leader.  

Depth of Gratitude

Gratitude expressed in thought or word is a whisper into the universe that has an effect beyond whatever you can realize today. Continue to be grateful for what you have and what you attract into your life. 

The depth of your appreciation and its demonstration contribute to the fabric of your life and the communities in which you live. In your work, sharing gratitude with your colleagues is an expression of caring that affects the well-living of the workplace. In your recreation and volunteer activities, your grateful participation and/or philanthropic support helps you and others to strengthen community. Together you are eco-creating the well-living world. 

Gratitude is at the core of your personal life decisions. Again, you decide what you get. Whether before or after the decision, be grateful for your greatfulness! That is, decide to be graceful. 

Gratitude can be written into journals.
It can be thought about in the evening before going to sleep and in the morning before your feet touch the floor.

Gratitude can be in a gesture of thanks so simple that its quietness reverberates around the workplace.
It can be in the hand you extend.

Who are you grateful for in your life? Within 48 hours of reading these words, share your gratefulness with her/him/them.
In reading these words, close your eyes and think of something you are grateful for in your immediate presence.    

life lessons 18-05

“You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case.”

~ Ken Kesey


In moving from learning to knowing, and more importantly into knowable action, I am experiencing my fixity of purpose, definitiveness of vision, steadiness of faith, and depth of gratitude. 

I decided to lead. To eco-create the well-living world, co-create well-living workplaces, and live my extraordinary life. Have you? Will you?

As you step into your "yes" … let’s hook up in spaces and places where we nurture our connections even more. What the world needs now is more purposeful, visionary, faithful, and grateful leaders. 

Care to join me in the presence of others?

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life lessons 18-05
Update to a April 2004 article 


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