June 28, 2018

Life Lessons 18-04: Presentation of YOUR Ideas with Others

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Situational Story TO Set the Stage 

Phil sat in his chair. He was watching people walk by on the sidewalk below his window. He was perplexed after his not so pleasant innovation meeting in the boardroom earlier. 

He was sure he had prepped for his presentation. And still, a couple of his peers told him his proposed idea to expand the new project was foolhardy and lame. 

Enter, Dominique: 

“Phil, you okay?” 

Turning his chair slowly to face the door, he saw his manager, Dominique, standing in the doorway with a pile of papers in her hand. 

“Are you okay? You look miles away!”

“Yea … still thinking about the meeting this morning. Any thoughts?” 

Settling into the chair across from him she placed the papers she was carrying on her lap. She picked a paper clip from the top document. 

Thoughtfully fingering the clip she looked up, “I know it didn’t go so well this morning. Have you thought … actually…,” rummaging through her papers. “Here, how about this? I found this handout while I was clearing out my swipe file.” 

Phil, reached across his desk:

Taking the handout and glancing at the page, in bold red letters it said:

Presentation of YOUR Ideas with Others 

1. Support your presentation with your declared fact finding, data collecting, information creating, knowledge generating, wisdom sharing insights 

… different people need different insights in order to communicate with you
… know the level of learning and knowing they require

2. Offer ideas that attract others to your work before you make your presentation

… provide support when they gather with you in light of #1
… make sure your manager knows what’s up

3. Challenge the boundaries of the issue your presentation will address

… see the boundaries as permeable and amoeba-like in light of #2
… be open to surprise every day

4. Work through the role boundaries for yourself and those who help and hinder

… bring diversity to your work whether in people, ideas or processes in light of #3
… stretch the ripple effect outwards and inwards

5. Bring subject matter experts to the dialogue

… recognize they can be involved in many forms like quoting from a book, article, television, movie, etc. in light of #4
… remember the subject matter experts are there to support you, they are not your authority – you are  

6. Link learning with action with learning with action

… connect the dots for people by showing them how thoughts move into action, plans move into projects in light of #5 
… if you follow the threads, the tapestry will appear 

7. Use performance and productivity measures wisely

… are you clear on ’what will improve’ and ‘what will increase’ from the perspective of those involved directly and indirectly in light of #1 through #6? 
… know how elements of your presentation are nested within one another to guide required action in moving fromward (your presentation is about working from something – guide them in seeing it!) 

mentoring 18-04

“Wow!” said Phil, looking over at Dominique who was thumbing through the pile of papers on her lap. 

Looking up, Dominique replied, “Yes … I found it helpful. Keep it and share it with someone else.”

Getting up from the chair, she said, “I’ve got to get going. See you later at the staff meeting.” 

“We all have goals: We want to matter. We want to be important. We want to have freedom and power to pursue our creative work. We want respect from our peers and recognition for our accomplishments. Not out of vanity or selfishness, but of an earnest desire to fulfill our personal potential.

~​ Ryan Holiday

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life lessons 18-04
Update to a April 2004 article 


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