January 22, 2016

Life Legacy National Hugging Day

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Contributing to Your Life Legacy: It’s Happy National Hugging Day! 

From a life legacy perspective hugs are aWELLsome!

You either fall into one of two camps when it comes to the great physical expression that is hugging; you either can’t get enough or them, or you will do anything possible to avoid them.

But the fact is that hugs are as common as eating a piece of toast for breakfast, and what better way to celebrate today than carrying out all the different hugs on this list?

1. Awkward hug

No matter how cool you think you are, you have been the victim of at least one of these in the last month. This type of hug is usually a surprise, a physical interaction that catches you off guard, and there is a strong possibility that there will be a misplaced kiss in there somewhere.

Typically occurs around your partner’s parents.

2. Bear hug

In cooler months this type of hug is hugely welcomed. But only from people who smell nice.

bear hug
3. Side hug

When you have no idea on how to handle a social situation, you decide to opt in for a quick slip around a person’s back/waist/shoulder and pray that this gesture is affectionate enough.

These types of hugs peaked during your awkward teenage years around relatives during the festive period.

4. The pat

For those times when you really cannot be bothered with physical touching so you give a small but firm tap on the back. This is a touch which you have perfected, and you are careful to apply the exact type of pressure to constitute a hug, and never slip into the territory of shoving someone.

Usually opted for when you are hungover. Or in a rush, and followed by a wave.

5. The awful hug

Awful hugs are not incidents when you have to hug someone that you don’t really like, these are a breeze in comparison to an actual awful hug.

Awful hugs are when you have to hug someone who smells, and afterwards you feel as though their pungent odour has now transferred on to you. It probably has, and now you smell like the zoo.

6. The physical hug

A hug reserved for someone you fancy, and is one that gives you butterflies because it could always lead to something more. Great result at the end of the date, and can only be topped by a hug from behind.

7. Flying hug

These types of hugs are the stuff of rom-coms, and sadly have never been recreated in real life.

Not even at the airport, during Christmas as movies would have you believe. No-one is ever that happy to see each other in real life.
notebook hug
8. Spinning hug

When you are hugged, lifted up and then spun around. Not welcomed after the age of 5, and should never be attempted in a club because it will end in at least one broken bone and being escorted off the premises by a bouncer. Please unfriend anyone who decides to do this to you.

9. Tight hugs

Parents and grandparents are the worst offenders for these. They engage in tight hugs, aka the crusher hug because it’s their way of trying to shrink you back into your childhood form, when you were obviously way cuter and easier to stop from making bad decisions.

10. Bro hug

These involve a complex set of actions starting off with a weird handshake or fist bump and then ends with patting and no eye contact.

11. Group hug

Although initially a group hug may seem like a great way to express affection towards your squad, they are quite unfair. One person always gets left out, and another gets squashed. It’s basically like a friendly rugby scrum.

12. Best friend hug

This happens when you see your BFF after what seems like forever. This hug is complete with animated arm actions, and squeals, whilst making promises to make their head explode with scandalous gossip.
best friend hug
13. Dance floor hug

These only occur after several shots of tequila and involve you making a new buddy on the dance floor and expressing your mutual appreciation for one another’s shape throwing ability by a dancing hug.

Sweat will be involved. You will never see this person again.

14. The pet hug

When you’ve had a long day and you need to unload your stress on to your favourite furry creature. Definitely enjoyed more by you than your pet.

15. Pillow hug

The best type of hug is the comfort and joy that hugging your pillow brings. Especially if it’s a nice cold pillow. And the best thing about this hug is that you can do it whenever you like, and it still feels amazing every single time. Hurrah.

And so … hug away as you live from your life legacy!

Legacy is for giving. It’s in you to share!

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