November 17, 2015

Life Legacy, Leadership Legacy, Question

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Start Somewhere! When IT Comes to Your Life Legacy and Leadership Legacy 

You’ve heard the chicken and egg question many times, in many settings.

So in one way, it makes sense to you.

The paradox it suggests is timely and relevant, no matter where it’s spoken.
In this casein’s about life legacy and leadership legacy.

The question is:
What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Chicken and eggAnd the dialogue continues depending on your frame of reference.

I offer a perspective for this chicken and egg dialogue.

In all things being equal and in natural flow …

Which one of the two you have in your hand … at this moment …

With a chicken, the egg will follow

With the egg, a chicken will follow

And so it continues …

Herein lies the WTF.
Instead, simply choose one and start there.

In other words, start somewhere. And move forward.

Because if the past as history is important and you have the egg, what about the chicken

Because if the future as mystery is important and you have the chicken, what about the egg?

Because if the now as present is important and you have the egg, what is your decision?

This short story is really about your life legacy and leadership legacy.

Which comes first?

Leave a comment below … 


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Dr. Stephen Hobbs is a Decision Facilitator/Life-Leadership Legacy Mentor. He’s available to guide you as a business owner, entrepreneur, executive or team leader to make better decisions – especially about your life legacy and/or leadership legacy. He uses facilitative mentoring to realize your outcomes in your words. An hour with Steve straightens out even the biggest decision so you can see the forest and the trees.

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