January 29, 2016

Life Legacy: A Core Focal Point for Your Next Fifty

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It’s about your Life Legacy Grandparent Decisions …

You’re entering or find yourself in your Next Fifty (Second Fifty, Second Act, Third Act).

You’re not ready for the view from the porch. You have some things to do, places to be, emotions to feel, stories to share. You have items on your To Be List still to check off.

life legacy places to go seussYou have mojo. You pursue possibilities. You seek experiences. You want to Give Back, Remain Healthy, Stay Active and Take Action. You want to see, feel and experience your Life Legacy.

Life Legacy is about living your life in full expression of being YOU for the world.

It is an everyday occurrence to be you in the world.
It’s a higher level of commitment to be you for the world.
Especially as you fully express your Next Fifty life legacy.

Expressing Your Life Legacy

You’ve noticed the dash between your birth year and your death year. That dash is your life.

Instead of looking at the tail end of the dash and wondering what’s to happen, add another dash and name it: Next Fifty.

Then, get out there and kick butt. Fully express your life legacy.

Whatever you’re doing …
Wherever you are …
You’re influencing others about what you love to learn.
Just as they are doing the same for you!
Who is influencing you?
Are those who are influencing you leveraging your life legacy?

Remember, remember:

Life Legacy Loverage

Your Life Legacy and Earth

You spent your First Fifty on Earth contributing as you have.

As you enter your Next Fifty how will you express your ecological literacy?

Ecological literacy (also referred to as ecoliteracy) is the ability to understand the natural that make life on earth possible. To be ecoliterate means understanding the principles of organization of ecological communities (i.e. ecosystems) and using those principles for creating sustainable human communities.

The term was coined by American educator David W. Orr and physicist Fritjof Capra in the 1990s – thereby a new value entered education; the “well-being of the earth.” An ecologically literate society would be a sustainable society which did not destroy the natural environment on which they depend.

Excerpt from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecological_literacy

Combining Your Life Legacy with Eco-Literacy

How you interact with others, at home, at work, within your community and the world affects the Earth and its ecosystems.

We eat, drink and breathe the outcome of our ecological efforts. Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Can you breathe? There are people in the world that would answer “no.” It’s time to extend your wings – flap like the butterfly – and influence the world.

Eco-Life Legacy and Your Grandchildren

Take a moment and consider your eco-life influence on your grandchildren. What comment will you add below?

If you are without grandchildren, consider your role as a foster grandparent or community elder, and reflect on your contribution.

Eco-Life Legacy Actions

During your Next Fifty invite the involvement of your grandchildren, family, friends, work colleagues to find ways to

  • Improve, focus and strengthen the ecosystems you touch each day and for the generations to follow.
  • Engage in the ecological literacy commentary. See where it takes you.
  • Research ecological literacy as the basis for raising your eco-consciousness locally and globally with the involvement of your grandchildren.
  • Learn the concepts and practices of facilitating and mentoring. Use these educating approaches to engage your grandchildren, family and friends, work colleagues, community members in eco-legacy projects.

You and your grandchildren become the guardians of your legacy project.
Your project influences the ecosystems of which you are participants.

In doing so, you actively live your legacy.
You seed the legacy mindset of your grandchildren.
You loverage the appreciation and celebration of life!

Legacy is for giving. It’s in you to share!

Make it a wellthy day …

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Help_ Them_ Help_ You_ Manage_LeadPS … A great place to start is learning about the 9 Educating Approaches used to manage and lead others. Purchase Help Then to Help YOU Manage-Lead and step up into becoming a mentor and facilitator of your eco-conscious life legacy project with the involvement of your grandchildren.


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